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Import To : Bahrain
Supplier Country: South Korea
Quantity : 1900 Pieces
Order Value: 21000
Expected Price : 10.77
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Japan
Quantity : 2000 Pieces
Order Value: 5200
Expected Price : 2.62
Import To : South Africa
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 1900 Pieces
Order Value: 2900
Expected Price : 1.54
Import To : Tanzania
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 1600 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Saudi Arabia
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 1800 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Malaysia
Supplier Country: Kenya
Quantity : 1900 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Yemen
Supplier Country: Sri Lanka
Quantity : 1600 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Greece
Supplier Country: Malaysia
Quantity : 2000 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: Netherlands
Quantity : 1900 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Qatar
Supplier Country: New Zealand
Quantity : 2000 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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4 Ring Knuckle Crystal Clutch Bags
4 Ring Knuckle Crystal Clutch Bags Supplier Country China
Company Name guangzhou meiqier trade ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Crystal Clutch Bags
Crystal Clutch Bags Supplier Country China
Company Name guangzhou meiqier trade ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
GZ QH wedding bag lady evening bag crystal clutch bag
GZ QH wedding bag lady evening bag crystal clutch bag Supplier Country China
Company Name Guangzhou Qianhui Trade Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Crystal Clutch Bag Full Cover
Crystal Clutch Bag Full Cover Supplier Country China
Company Name Guangzhou kayunion co., ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Sling bag
Sling bag Supplier Country China
Price: Ask Buyer
Ringside Boxing Sling Bag
Ringside Boxing Sling Bag Supplier Country United Kingdom
Company Name Alpha Boxing And Martial Arts
Price: Ask Buyer
PP Woven Sling Bag Cement
PP Woven Sling Bag Cement Supplier Country China
Company Name Flexipack Plastics Weaves Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Sling Bags
Sling Bags Supplier Country South Africa
Company Name Raffias condoms
Price: Ask Buyer
Berrii Eco Sling Bag
Berrii Eco Sling Bag Supplier Country Singapore
Company Name Ben and Bear
Price: Ask Buyer
Cement Sling Bags
Cement Sling Bags Supplier Country China
Company Name Anhui Goodmax Packing Materials Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer


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Fashion & Leather Belts Introduction Leather products have long been a hot topic in the fashion world for a long time, but its popularity accelerates. New trends in leather garments are emerging. It is used in both intimate and fashionable jackets. Very popular are the different shapes of the skin, such as crocodile skin, alligator, snake and pure leather. The technology makes leather garments in different textures and colors. Leather texture is called hand. The softer clothes, the more expensive clothing. The quality of the leather has a great influence on the quality of the garments. Environmental conditions in animals and genetics greatly affect the quality of the skin. Cattle skin is relatively thick and heavy, which makes beef products relatively cheap. The younger the animal, the softer it becomes. At first, leather clothing is perfect for winter, but the latest technology has helped create lighter leather clothing, so it's also possible in the summer. Now, leather garments have a different shape, so they can be used all year round. Leather clothes are for both men and women. Leather has different products, such as hats, jackets, shoes, belts, pants and jewelry, etc., which can be combined in different ways. Leather products can be combined with other garments to create a unique and stylish look. Leather vests can be worn with denim skirts or stacked skirts, while leather pants can be matched with regular cotton shirts. Leather jackets can also add a modern look to other ordinary dresses. Process of preparation The leather manufacturing process involves many steps. First of all, leather is made and worked in factory building. These processes make the skin soft. At this point, the surface and color of the leather can be changed if necessary. After that, the skin was cut and stitched into tissue. Qualities of leather apparel Leather Industry The leather industry has seen brand extensions such as footwear, clothing and other accessories such as bags, belts and watches that also appeal to the consumer community. It is estimated that the export of leather will increase 25% every year in the next five years. The Ministry of Industry Policy and Promotion (DIPP) actively supports the promotion of the leather industry. No classic clothing is completely devoid of skin. It's like accepting clothing from the fashion industry. Although the event may not require leather jackets or pants, the strap is for everyone. Buying a leather belt, however, is a complicated thing. Retail trade and e-commerce appear to be filled with high-quality belts that can be misleading. It is better to have their judge than to buy them on someone else's phone. Leather is more expensive, but it is also more durable. Synthetic leather, fine leather, genuine leather and full-grain leather have many variations, so you need to know the leather belt. Men’s belt Men's belts were first invented during the Bronze Age. From time to time, women use belts but mainly men. Since then, the straps have become curved and have become popular, depending on other garments. In most cases, the strap is worn by men, sometimes in women's waist. In the nineteenth century men did not wear their belts unless they were soldiers, but they usually dropped garters. At that time the tailoring of the sleeves attracted the belts, so ordinary citizens did not use them. The situation changed during World War I, with men wearing their uniforms and wearing them in the home. Belts are commonly used, especially on men's leather belts, but ladies have recently used belts in both form and function, with belts emphasizing the shape of women. In World War II, Axis army soldiers used their belts in the same way, indicating the size of their dogs as a means of reducing their morale. Modern belts have evolved in almost any style, cheap square buckles and square buckles for higher class higher levels that can get tens of thousands of dollars of diamonds and gold-plated belts pearls and their own designs. The designers produced plenty of ribbons, some of which were sewn and sewn to pull off the outside of the belt decorated with metallic buttons, while others hold the simple leather strap buttons to do all the work. Belt buckle also changed. In the Bronze Age, this prison cell had a shield with fighters or fighting animals, all successive generations built from the cells of the abdomen. Modern fans have similar visions to the great patriotic symbols that are the same as the large "cowboy buffers" (flags and hawks). The current quality-style buckle is a newer invention, partly by friction instead of by pins, the traditional way of keeping the belt in place from the beginning. Regardless of the type of belt you wear, consider the fact that you are sharing a style that millions of people love today from the Bronze Age. Famous Brands of Leather Belts The Belt is not only used to keep the pants in place, but it can also add a bit of puncture to life. Men's leather belts are considered elegant and refined belts in Pakistan that complement your outfits and give you a luxurious look. The leather belts for men can be used in all types of trousers and jeans for a relaxed or formal look. The leather belt is the most durable strap for men who can thrive very well with clothes or jeans.
  1. Levi’s Men’s Leather Belt
  2. Dockers Men’s Leather Belt
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Belt
  4. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Leather Belt
  5. Columbia Men’s Leather Belt
  6. Timberland Men’s Leather Belt
  7. Wolverine Men’s Leather Belt
  8. Fossil Men’s Leather Belt
  9. Nautica Men’s Leather Belt
  10. Florsheim Men’s Leather Belt
Overview of Importers and Exporters: The China Leather Market Report is ready to deepen the understanding of the Chinese leather market. The report includes market research on imports, exports and local production areas to identify the potential chances of Pakistan's leather and leather products to enter the Chinese market mainly in the western part. In the southwest, the leather import market dominates in Europe and the United States by up to 90%. The report provides an overview of China's competitive environment and identifies local manufacturers and importers. China produces 8.7 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of leather products and leather products. The dollar in 2010 (calendar year) is equivalent to 2.50% of the domestic demand of 345 billion U.S. dollars. Imports of foreign leather and leather products increased by 342.50% in 2010. This report detailed statistics on the imports of leather and leather products from China, such as leather products, leather shoes and other leather products. Leather and leather products are also exported from China to several countries in the world, exporting more than imports. China's leather exports reached 56.48 billion US dollars. In 2010, the U.S. dollar increased by 30.96% over the previous year The purpose of this report is to serve key purposes such as providing information on the structure of the Chinese leather market, the competition in the leather industry, market trends, opportunities for exporting Pakistani leather goods and the China leather market framework. According to this report, Pakistani exporters can also sell leather and leather products to China. In addition, the report underlines the potential of Pakistan's leather and leather products to enter the Chinese market. Imports: Although imports of leather products accounted for a large proportion of exports, China's leather imports are relatively low. Increased domestic and foreign demand and the relocation of leather production in China have become the major centers for leather processing and shopping and therefore leather imports have increased. In 2010, China's imports of leather and leather products increased to 8.7 billion U.S. dollars, up 35.93% over 2009. Large leather goods, including high quality shoes, handbags and coats, fill up small high-income groups or hides and semi-finished and finished leather. Manufactured exports of shoes, leather upholstery, luggage and other leather products are manufactured on demand from industrial units. Most leather imports from the United States, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Thailand and other countries. Finished leather goods, such as leather garments, bags and leather Footwear from Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. The proportion of different countries in leather imports The share of different countries in import of leather in China is depicted in the graph given below: