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Am Doctor,the company sourcing favourite are been chaneled on your (BATH SETS) productsbeen displayed on site these products is our latest target we are richly motivated to enter in a beneficial hot moving business relationshipthat will deliver success [...]

Buy bath oil importer

My Greetings to you, May the Good Lord bless you as you read this note.After careful consideration, I have come to the decision to make a significant gift donation to you. My intention is that the donation be used for a specific charitable project. I came to this decision [...]

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Dear Sir/MadamWe are village local gold miners located here in Mali in WestAfrica we hereby make this offer of au metal gold dust under the penalty ofperjury with full responsibility. the purity bellow.The purity bellow.1. Product:Au metal (gold dust)2. Origin:mali, [...]

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Dear Sir/Madam,I am Ms Yannifer Ramond, from (GLOBAL MERCHANTS LTD) our company is interested in buying your product. We would be glad if you could send to our email more details about your product and your company.We hope to develop good business relationship with [...]

  • Import To: Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
  • Required Quantity: Ask Buyer
  • Quotes Received: 25
  • Frequency: Ask Buyer

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What is the price on this

Buy moya bath oil importer

Dear Suplier,Please we are interested in your products and also appreciate your reply [ ] to the below information 1). Best FOB Prices with clear photos of your items2). Minimum order quantity, Delivery Period/Mode and Payment Terms.3] [...]

bath & body oil for personal buyer

I am looking for company to supply Bath & Body Oil for Personal. Need suppliers who can ship to Australia. Looking for USD $0.51 per Pieces price for Bath & Body Oil for Personal. Need supplier from Vietnam. Quantity to import is 4300 Pieces initially and we will place [...]

Body bath oil buyer

We require Body Bath Oil. I will be importing it to United Kingdom. In search of USD $0.5 per Pieces price for Body Bath Oil. Need to pick suppliers in United Kingdom. If prices are good, We will place order of 3200 Pieces initially and the buying frequency will be [...]

  • Import To: United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Required Quantity: 3200 Pieces
  • Quotes Received: 13
  • Frequency: On Time

Looking for Khadi herbal bath oil pack size: 210 ml

I Want to purchase Khadi Herbal Bath Oil Pack Size: 210 Ml. Need shipment of these in Canada. Our expected price is USD $0.93 per Pieces, Please quote your best price for Khadi Herbal Bath Oil Pack Size: 210 Ml. Prefer to import from China. Quantity to import is 5300 [...]

Looking for Psorolin oil, packaging type: pet bottle

Looking for supplier who can provide Psorolin Oil, Packaging Type: Pet Bottle. We want shipment in Australia. Looking for USD $0.75 per Pieces price for Psorolin Oil, Packaging Type: Pet Bottle. Preferred suppliers are from United Kingdom. Our order will be of 5000 [...]

Looking for Vaseline cocoa butter vitalizing gel body oil

I want supply of Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. Our destination port is Canada. In search of USD $0.81 per Pieces price for Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. Any supplier from China. Our order quantity is 5000 Pieces initially and if terms [...]

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