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Corn Oil

Maize or Corn is an annual cereal to the grass family of ‘Gramineae’. It is one of the most successful cereal grasses of all time. Originated around 10,000 years back, corn is a rich source of carbohydrates, Vitamin B, proteins and minerals. This nutritional cereal is consumed both by humans and industries. Corn flour, corn oil, cornflake, corn syrup, popcorn, rice corn and corn soap are some popular examples of corn products. Corn Oil Corn oil is a pale yellow oil procured from the kernel of corn. It is further refined to obtain a tasteless and odorless oil having higher degree of polyunsaturated

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Cotton Seed Oil

Cottonseed oil is an edible vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the cotton plant. This pale yellow oil is generally used for cooking. It is further refined to to remove gossypol, a naturally occurring toxin that protects the cotton plant from insect damage. Oil thus obtained, is used in combination with other oils to create many vegetable oil products. Since cottonseed oil does not require hydrogenation, it is lower in cholesterol than many other oils and has little to no trans-fats per serving. Since this vegetable oil contains higher antioxidant content, it lasts for a longer period, if

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Cooking Oil

RBD (refined, bleached & deodorized) palm olein

Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 151190) We would like to offer: cooking oil. Made from RBD (refined, bleached & deodorized) palm olein. Processed using modern refining system to yield the hygienic and healthy edible cooking oil for daily consumption. Retail packaging is available in: PET bottle (nett. 2000ml, 1000ml

Price: USD 850 Min Qty: 20 Capacity: 100MT/day. Port: Indonesia main seaport

Refined sunflower oil, soybean oil,corn oil,palm oil,Rapeseed Oil , canola oil and vegetable oils for sale

Refined sunflower oil, soybean oil,corn oil,palm oil,Rapeseed Oil , canola oil and vegetable oils for sale We can suply high quality refined and crude sunflower oil EU origin. ISSO, HACCP and other quality certificates available. We are manufacturers, importers-exporters of vegetable oils based to Thailand . We can suply refined sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, in pet botles or in bulk. Contact us for further informations. Only for end buyers! 1. Products Information Type Sunflower Oil Processing Type Refined, Crude Use Cooking Packaging Bulk, Plastic Bottle Place of Origin: Thailand Certification

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Russia Refined Sunflower Oil

PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL ANALYSIS REFERENCE VALUES RESULTS Visibility (40oC) Clear Clear Taste and Smell Natural, specific to itself, no smell Density (g at 20oC Water) 0.914 – 0.925 0,919 Refractive Index (at 40oC) 1.461 – 1.468 1,465 Saponification Value (mg KOH/g Oil) 188 – 194 191 lodine Value 118 – 141 130 OK Unsaponifiable Matters (g/kg %) <1,5 1,2 OK Moisture and Volatile Matter (105oC) Max. 0,02 0 OK Insoluble Impurities in fat solvent (%) Max. 0,05 0 OK Soap Content (% mm) Max. 0,005 0 OK Peroxide Value (meq g O2/kg oil) Max. 0,10 0,8 OK Colour (51/4 Lovibond) Max. 3,5 Red / 30 Yellow 2 R /

Price: $650.00 USD Min Qty: 1000 Metric Ton Capacity: Inquire Port: Inquire

Sunflower Oil

We are ready to offer you the best sunflower oil made from seeds collected in the cleanest ecological places in Russia

Price: 6$ Min Qty: 20 ft container Capacity: Inquire Port: Inquire

palm oil

Specifications for refined palm oil CP8 FFA ( MAX) : 10 M & I (MAX) : 10 IV (MIN) : 56 Colour (MAX) : 3R SMPT (MAX) : 22 Cloud point : 8 CP10 FFA ( MAX) : 10 M & I (MAX) : 10 IV (MIN) : 56 Colour (MAX) : 3R SMPT (MAX) : 24 Cloud point : 10

We have regular stock of palm oil,corn oil,sunflower oil.Our oils are 100% refined fit for human consumption.Interested buyers can contact us for more detail

Price: 600 Min Qty: 1 Capacity: 1000 tons Port: Klang

Not long ago, FRANKEL GILLES participated in Dubai Gulfood Fair in February 2010 . The fair was organized in China, and the organization showcased a vast range of products like the Corn Oil,Copper Scrap,Oil and Gas,Sunflower Oil,Nuts,Sweet Curd . FRANKEL GILLES has attended 7 events similar to this since 2003 exhibiting products like Corn Oil,Copper Scrap,Oil and Gas,Sunflower Oil,Nuts,Sweet Curd . Some of the trade events happened in France,Indonesia,Netherlands,New Zealand,Pakistan and generated an estimated 9 Million USD - 90% of Annual Revenue . With an experience of about 14 Years in the export, FRANKEL GILLES has been exporting

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In recent times, SHIV SALES CORPORATION has emerged as the top-ranked Factory with a Approx 2400 Yards unit. The factory possesses manufacturing output up to Below US$1 Million and achieving 500001$ worth of manufacturing output throughout the year. The factory’s worth can be estimated through 10 prosperous OEM contracts in 2017, while it has managed 7 own brand contracts in 2017 and 3 buyer label contracts in the same year respectively. Having achieved so much in 2017, the factory had a successful year in generating profits from different sectors of the world. SHIV SALES CORPORATION is comprised of 5 production units as of now, with

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Every Rose Limited participated in 2014 SUMMER FANCY FOOD SHOW in May 2014 , Germany. The purpose of the tradeshow was to gather industrial giants from different parts of the world and provide a platform where each of these factories would connect and interact with each other, exchange and barter goods and buy and sell different products as well. Since start, the company has participated in 6 other events similar to 2014 SUMMER FANCY FOOD SHOW , which were organized in Andorra,Austria,Norway,Portugal,Rwanda,Slovenia,Sweden . During these trade events, Every Rose Limited exhibited different types of products like Spices,Cooking Spices

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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Odessa, Ukraine
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Over the course of years, the factory of PAAMAN EXPORTS has progressed itself as an emerging production organization having a manufacturing plant area scattered around Approx 2400 Yards. The factory generates a manufacturing output worth of Upto 2,200,000 US Dollar per year, and the highest it has gone in generating manufacturing value so far is estimated to around 2700000$. Factory’s reliability can be measured through 3 efficient contracts in 2017 in collaboration with Original Equipment (OEM). The factory has successfully incurred 28 personalized branded contracts and 20 buyer label contracts. All of these contracts were achieved

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Refined/Crude Sunflower Oil


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Main Selling Products:oregano,olive oil,mandarines,orange

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Main Selling Products:Food and beverages

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