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Bipolar CNC Stepper Motor With Gear

Specifications Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: LDO MOTORS Version Number: 42STH Phase: Two Sort: Hybrid Vehicle Certification: ROHS, CE Measure Angle(degrees): 1.8°(200measures/rev) Holding Torque: Current / Period: 0.4-1.68A Frame size: 42*42millimeter Leads: 6 or 4 wire Contour: Square Use: Industrial Shield Attribute: Enclosed Function: Control Speed: Low speed Product Description The 42mm Hybrid Stepper Motor Series is a versatile family of motors appropriate for a broad array of uses. Use having a dancing driver to lessen shaking and reach higher measure resolution. Select a variation that is baseline or request your personal customized layout. Attributes: Bipolar or unipolar variations accessible Hybrid stepper building Accessible

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Stepper Motor With Leads

Specifications Brand Name: JKMOTOR Version Number: JK42HM40 1684 Period: 2 Sort: Hybrid Vehicle Certification: CE, cCC, ISO, ROHS, UL Measure Angle(degrees): 0.9 Holding Torque: 0.33Nm Current / Period: 1.68A Resistance: 1.65 Inductance: 3.2mH Weight: 0.28kg Span: 40mm delivery: 3~20days Packaging Details: export standard carton Delivery Detail: Sent after payment in 20 days Version: Genaral Specification: Measure Truth ------------------------------ ±5% Resistance Truth ----------------------- ±10% Inductance Truth ---------------------- ±20% Temperature Rise -------------------------- 80°C MAXIMUM. Surrounding -20°C~ 50°C Storage -30°C~ 60°C Dielectric Power ------------------------- 500V AC 1minute Radial Play --------------------------------- 0.02mm

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Stepper Motor CNC Spindle

Specifications Brand Name: ChangSheng Version Number: GDZ62-1.2 Sort: Other Frequency: 1000Hz Output Power: 1.2kw Shield Attribute: Waterproof Period: Single-stage Certification: Other, cCC, CE, ROHS, UL, VDE AC Voltage: 220V Efficacy: Other Electricity: 1.2kw Cooling kind: water cooling Speed: 60000rpm Voltage: 220V Gather: ER11 Weight: 5kg Torque: 0.49Nm Packaging Details: Waiting for the kind question for details: Skype:monica kaidi QQ:3222710590 We are able to supply: 1.water cooling:300w,800w,1.2kw,1.5kw,2.2kw,3kw,4kw,4.5kw,5.5kw We've passed CE certification to make sure your long-time and safe using

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Stepper Motor with Gear Box

Specifications Brand Name: FM Version Number: FM-C Period: Other Sort: DC Motor Certification: CE, cCC, ISO, ROHS, UL, TSI Step Angle(degrees): Holding Torque: Current / Period: Accessible Payment Period: 30% advance payment, balance payment that is 70% against B/L copy. Packaging Details: Wooden pallet for big size, neutral cartons. OEM accessible. Delivery Detail: 5 days for samples 15 days for bulk order, arrangement

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4 Axis stepper motor for milling machine

 ✔ 2 ✔ Hybrid ✔ ISO ✔ 1.8 ✔ 6N.m ✔ 5A ✔ 86byg250c motor ✔ Tailstock CNC ✔ Mini CNC router/engraver wood working engraving machine ✔ length 210MM*width 210MM*115MM ✔ positive claw (2~30MM) anti claw (30~80MM) ✔ 65MM ✔ 20MM ✔ 0.45 degrees per step ✔ 4 ✔1 (5M synchronous belt deceleration mode) ✔ 12.7MM

Good quality 4 Axis stepper motor for milling machine from Lishui Hengli Automation Technology Limited Company , Manufacturer/Factory of Stepper Motor products from China. Other varieties include BallScrew,Ball Screw Support Unit,Linear Guide,Linear Motion Bearings,Linear Shaft

Price: 330.99-1,000.99 Min Qty: 1 Capacity: 12500 Port: Shanghai or Ningbo port

Leadshine 3 phase stepper motor

 ✔ 3 ✔ CE

Good quality Leadshine 3 phase stepper motor from Guangzhou Dragon Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. , Manufacturer/Factory of Stepper Motor products from China. Other varieties include CNC ROUTER,CNC WOODWORKING MACHINE,LASER CUTTING MACHINE,LASER ENGRAVER,PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE

Price: Min Qty: 1 Capacity: 1250 Port: Guangzhou

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 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor

Remark:   1. * Values truncated   2. L:Length of Lead Screw   3. Standard motors are Class B rated for maximum temperature of 130oC.   4. Special drive considerations may be necessary when leaving shaft fully extended or fully retracted

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stepper motor with gearbox

 ✔ Gearbox planetary ✔ Gearbox planetary ✔ CE ISO ROHS Other ✔ 0.03 or 3arcmin ✔ gearbox torque depends raatio and motor ✔ gearbox to meet customer requirement ✔ planetary gearbox ✔ Bore solid shaft ✔ 042060070080090120150220 ✔ Inline or Right angle ✔ Stepper Motor Servo Motor ✔ Nema17 Nema23 and others ✔ ISO 9001 ✔ minimum 3arcmin ✔ IP55 or IP56

High quality stepper motor with gearbox from VARITRON ENGINEERING (TAIWAN) CO., LTD. , Manufacturer/Factory of Stepper Motor products from Taiwan. Other varieties include planetary,Gearbox,Cycloidal Speed reducer,Gearmotor,cyclo

Price: Min Qty: 18000 Capacity: 625 Port: Taipei Taiwan

Stepper Motor

 ✔ USD12.5 ✔ USD 7.15 ✔ USD 5.49

Best quality Stepper Motor from GSM Trade , Manufacturer/Factory of Stepper Motor products from India. Other varieties include Hobby Kit,Electronics

Price: 5.49-12.5 Min Qty: 1 Capacity: 250000 Port: India

Hybrid servo stepper motor driver,servo stepper driver,motor driver Character 1.Operating voltage: DC input voltage 24VDC to 80VDC                 2.The max continuous output current is 8.0A, the max peak current is 10A (advanced overload capacity of step servo) 3.Acceptable differential

Price: 50 Min Qty: 1 Capacity:

Hybrid servo stepper motor,stepper motor with position feedback,stepper motor with encoder This motor is stepper motor with encoder built-in.Advantage:high accuracy,high corresponding,anti-interference,absolutely rest when stop,no step lost,fast response speed, torque, high performance

Price: 38 Min Qty: 1 Capacity:

Integrated stepper motor with driver,open-loop stepper motor with drive built-in,all in one stepper motor and driver system This Integrated system is stepper motor with driver built-in. Advantage:It’s small size and less wiring are easy for installation and also reduce error.Built

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Nema 23 stepper motor,stepper motor,stepping motor Advantage:High accuracy,strong orientation function,low noise and vibration,small volume,long service life,no accumlated error. Our quality is equivilant to Oriental Motor,but only half or less price of them.We also supply motors

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Stepper Motor

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 Stepper Motor For 3D Printer

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