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Construction Cement
Import To : Mayotte
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 499 Piece
Order Value: 2457
Expected Price : 5
ACC Cement
Import To : Qatar
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 313 Piece
Order Value: 1782
Expected Price : 6
Shree Cement
Import To : Uzbekistan
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 347 Piece
Order Value: 1441
Expected Price : 4
Reliance MP Cement
Import To : Canada
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 356 Piece
Order Value: 1232
Expected Price : 3
Black Cement
Import To : Sweden
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 710 Piece
Order Value: 76
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
ACC F2r Cement
Import To : Argentina
Supplier Country: Sri Lanka
Quantity : 893 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Bharthi Cement
Import To : Qatar
Supplier Country: Portugal
Quantity : 843 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Chettinad Cement
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 855 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Tunisia
Supplier Country: Tunisia
Quantity : 980 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Concreel HD Cement
Import To : Ethiopia
Supplier Country: Taiwan
Quantity : 659 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

Top Building & Construction Manufacturers

elkhayal group Egypt
Selling Products: Granite, Rock Phosphate, Red Iron Oxide, River Sand,
Business Type: Wholesaler
Selling Products: Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer, Motor Grader, Road Roller,
Business Type: Manufacturer
Selling Products: Interior Wood Doors, Fire-rated Doors, Custom (residential And Commercial)Doors, French Doors, Bahroom And Kitchen Cabinets,
Business Type: Manufacturer
Selling Products: Door Skin, Wooden Door, Door & Window Accessories, Padlock, Home & Builing Hardware,
Business Type: Manufacturer
Business Type: Manufacturer
Selling Products: Doorframes, Laminate Doorframes, Mouldings, Laminate Mouldings, Interior Doors,
Business Type: Manufacturer

Recent Building & Construction Suppliers

Jingxian Heng Xiang Rebar Connection Equipment Factory
Established In:
Selling Products: Rebar Bending Machine Parallel Thread Splice Rebar Coupler Rebar Thread Rolling Machine Rebar Cutting Machine rebar coupler
Business Type: Manufacturer
Honest Horse(china) Holding Limited
Established In:
Selling Products: garnet sand 30-60# for sandblasting bearing steel grit g40 garnet sand 80# for waterjet cutting cast steel grit g14 steel shot s330
Business Type: Manufacturer
Hangzhou Dongkun Technology Co., Ltd.
Established In: 2014
Selling Products: cement concrete mixer SICOMA Advanced Technology Cement Screw Conveyor SC168 Cement Silo Twin Shaft Mixer Screw Conveyor Vertical Remote Control Concrete Pump Placing Boom Crane Equipment MSO1500 SICOMA 1500L twin shaft cement concrete mixer
Business Type: Trader
Established In: 1994
Selling Products: hand cement concrete powered mixer Steel Paddle Liquid Cement Concrete Mixer Welding holder Trim floor rug carpet installation fitter machine Spike Wheel Carpet Tractor
Business Type: Manufacturer
Established In: 2007
Selling Products: Used backhoe loader heavy construction equipment used crawler crane used lattic boom crane used Kobelco 7055 crawler crane Condition Kalmar DRF450 container reach stacker 45 ton Kalm Used Kalmar container reach stacker DRF450 Kalmar 45Ton stacker s Used Kalmar DRF450 Reach Stacker
Business Type: Manufacturer


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The construction industry is an investment done for economic reasons and its correlation with the economic expansion is very much postulated. There are numerous amounts of researches and studies out there that have emphasized the relevant contribution of the building and construction industry comparison to the national and international economic development. Even though, a lot of people agree with the fact that the scope of its donation is not precisely clear. Others have significantly asserted that the building and construction industry can be easily used to adjust the economy, while others beg to differ. Most of the people have insisted that the contribution is restricted to the short term. There are plenty of those who believe that economic growth is the sole reason behind the popularity of the construction industry instead of the industry flourishing the economy, i.e., that the building and construction industry is just not a driver of the economic profitability and instead, just follows the path stated by the rate of the economic growth. To keep it precise, there are plenty of counter-arguments and arguments relating to the role of the building and construction industry in promoting economic prosperity. The building and construction industry incorporates different units occupied in the construction of structures and other buildings, alterations, additions, installation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of the structures and buildings. Within the division of the industry, the essential industry groups and sub-industries are construction services, residential building construction as well as the non-residential construction of the buildings. The building and construction industry plays an essential role in the economy of many countries, with the total income incurred from the division accumulates for about 12.5 percent of the entire industries (financial services excluded) higher than its amount of the whole workforce. The building and construction services subdivision is considered the most significant source of work and employment in the world contributing to a large part of the economy.

Global Market:

Despite a staggered start to the year, the second phase of 2017 saw a significant amount of change in the world economy. China and Europe surpassed the expectations of the economists, and the prices for different commodities increased drastically; however, political unpredictability still prevails, and plenty of markets are still dealing with the recession or recession-like conditions like decreased productivity still could cause severe disturbance to the growth economically. The declining prices for steel and oil were indicative of a fluctuating market full of commodities during the start of 2017 as budget friendly steel from China took over the steel industry and gained a lot of exposure with a production of oil surpassed the demand. This diminished the resources contributing to the economies and eventually led to a decrease in the commodities for shipping and world trade. Keeping that in mind, investments have improved at a rapid speed in 2018 with the increase in the prices of oil; however, the complete spending levels will remain quite far in comparison to the heights it reached back in 2012/2013. This low level of spending is justifiable, and after battling with a two-year extension in the industry, the management teams are abolishing a dry power if the prices are decreased again. The construction sector in recent times has noticed growth in different departments. The investments which are done privately has drastically increased in a few segments in the United States like the highway projects and commercial projects, similar to the investments done in the sectors that are not easily seen are quite assisted by federal government funds or local sources, like sewage, water, and most importantly public safety has decreased to a large extent. In the meanwhile, the majority of the E&C organizations are trying their best to elucidate different messages from the new administration concerning its suggested giant-infrastructure program for spending.

Market Predictions:

The construction and building industry all over the world is slowly becoming powerful again after experiencing an extended period of slow growth during the financial catastrophe. According to a research conducted by CIC (Construction Intelligence Center) by the Trimetric, to be fair, the construction and building industry are predicted to surpass $10 trillion by the end of 2020 with the speed of expanding the industry surging at 3.4 percent yearly. The rising economic giants will take over the advanced economies; however, the speed of the growth of the previous economy will drop at a percent of about 4.2 percent during the predicted period from 5.2 percent. In 2010, the transpiring markets accumulated for about 43.9 percent of the output around the world, a percentage which will improve to about 52 percent by the end of 2020.

Market Trends:

In this atmosphere, building and construction organizations are facing some trends that will reshape their complete anticipations in 2018 and beyond. 1) Contracting Will Get More Compact & Tough – The contracting for building and construction is shaping up in unique and different ways by developing new problems for management teams. The clearest transformation is the relocation to turnkey, and lump sum contracts in which building and construction organizations handle the risk for cost and project and promise operation readiness. Another problem which these construction and building industries go through is the difference towards new perspective to the project definition. More and more clients are breaking down big initiatives into smaller and much secretive channels. 2) More Competition from Players – This is another important trend which is quite popular from around the world. Organizations in expanding economies have spent their entire decade emphasizing on their home markets, while slowly creating internal expertise and cash positions.

Suppliers and Buyers:

The suppliers and buyers from Asian Pacific region are the largest in the world in the building and construction industry, with the largest of all hailing from India, China, and Japan. However, the rate and pace of the growth in these markets are relatively slow, due to the decrease in the construction industry of China, the growth which will be sabotaged by the intuitive of the residential property. The rising markets from South-East-Asia will heavily invest in improvised infrastructure endeavors, which are heavily funded by private investors.