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Import To : Uganda
Supplier Country: Spain
Quantity : 900 Pieces
Order Value: 4800
Expected Price : 5.38
Import To : Brazil
Supplier Country: France
Quantity : 1300 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: United Kingdom
Quantity : 1500 Pieces
Order Value: 4500
Expected Price : 3.08
Import To : Spain
Supplier Country: Hong Kong
Quantity : 600 Pieces
Order Value: 1100
Expected Price : 1.85
Import To : Chad
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 600 Pieces
Order Value: 600
Expected Price : 1
Import To : Maldives
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 1400 Pieces
Order Value: 190000
Expected Price : 135.95
Import To : Somalia
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 700 Pieces
Order Value: 400
Expected Price : 0.54
Import To : Ethiopia
Supplier Country: Japan
Quantity : 600 Pieces
Order Value: 80
Expected Price : 0.12
Import To : Peru
Supplier Country: Kenya
Quantity : 1100 Pieces
Order Value: 1800
Expected Price : 1.54
Import To : Hong Kong
Supplier Country: South Korea
Quantity : 1200 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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Hangzhou Sylvia Import and Export Co., Ltd. China
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Business Type: Other

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The leather industry has been an essential player in the world commerce market for a thousand of years, some even professing that it might be the oldest profession in the world. Today, however, it is undeniably a key industry holding significant importance on an international level; in just a single year alone, about 23 billion square feet of leather is manufactured and made, accumulating to approximately 45-50 billion dollars. However, the leather industry has not been uninfluenced ever since it started but instead has endured and accomplished many consequential and significant changes, especially in the last 20 or 30 years. Because of the environmental codification being placed on different sectors for different industries around the world, it has experienced advancements not only for the environmental purposes but also for social sustainability and ethical purposes – mainly concerned towards the animal welfare, as well as economic due to the faithfulness towards the fair trade. Severe, restricted pronouncements were imposed in the leather industry at a large scale, and some other restrictions were imposed mainly on the leather sector to enhance its products in each and every stage leading towards their execution. Different production units, farmers, and tanners that were able to remain alive under the new restrictions and conditions were those that had spent a lot to cater the demands and requirements of the high standards to survive in the market. New machinery and technology were created to benefit the leather production; as a result, the industry and its producers found more integrity and success due to it.

Leather Industries & Applications:

During the process of manufacturing and production of the leather, it has to go through a four stage process; mainly from the rawhide to the finished product. The leather is carefully crafted in these processes to meet the demands and necessity of the different sectors – automotive, fashion, furniture, and shoes. Leading brands trust different leather industries to deliver the products matching their requirements to thrive in the market. The correct selection of the product along with product amalgamation is integral to attain the desired leather properties.

Beamhouse Solutions:

Liming Auxiliaries – The essential objective during the process of liming is to eradicate substances containing keratin like epidermis and hair. These substances open the structure of fiber and develop a highly energetic group in the collagen ready for tannage. The liming auxiliaries control and support the activity of some of the most basic chemicals used in the liming process like sodium hydrosulphide, sodium sulfide, and hydrated lime. Soaking Agents – Soaking agents are considered to be an effective way of rehydrating, cleaning, and degreasing skins and hides during the process of Beamhouse. It is not entirely due to the fact that they enhance the wetting of the cleansed rawhide fibers by dropping the surfaced tension of the water. Their decent stability for the emulsion also assures that the fat taken out from the hide is not divided in the float, which would adversely affect the process of unhairing. Bating Enzymes – The enzymatic procedure of bating completely opens the structure of the fiber to match the demanded qualities of the leather needed, and also plays an essential role in removing residual substances containing keratin, like a scud. Deliming Agents – The process of Deliming plans to separate the chemicals containing liming completely. Some of these chemicals are sulfide, hydrated lime, reduced swelling for alkaline, and modify the PH to eight or nine for improved bating performance. Tanneries most of the times consume a vast range of Deliming products like citric acid, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium chloride.

Global Market:

The leather market and industry may not completely by described as an international industry, with containing everything like raw skins and hides, finished leather, semi-processed leather, leather constituents to the complete leather products being largely exported and imported. The production of the leather products and goods takes place in different parts of the world and is quite severely attached to the agriculture industry of every country in the leather. Around 65 percent of the leather production all over the world is taken from bovine , a cattle, nearly 11 percent from the pigs, 15 percent from the sheep, and about 9 percent from the goats along with the production areas for these leather goods relying largely in places where all of these animals are brought up for food and wool. Majority of the leather products in the United States and Europe normally comes from China – the world’s largest exporter, Brazil, Argentina, India, US, and Pakistan, all of these countries account for the 65 percent of the bovine share. While the addition of countries like New Zealand and Austria account for the leather extracted from sheep, along with Bangladesh and Sudan from goats, these countries are also the largest leather market in terms of export to the other nations. The world’s largest and dominating nations for leather products include Vietnam, Brazil, China, Italy, and Pakistan; some of these countries are essential for luxury goods and increased value along with others for complete volume. The production of leather products in the European region has been declining for a while now; however, some of the European countries exporting a significant amount of leather products in different parts of the world are Spain, France, Belgium, and Italy.

Economic Significance of Leather Industry:

The leather and the leather goods industry accumulate about 36000 enterprises and organizations and gathers a turnover of about 48 billion. These 36000 organizations employ around 435000 people to be approx. The European region is considered to be some of the highest and largest value of calfskins in respect to the raw material and leather. Tanneries in the European continent are mostly owned by families, and by small or medium-sized organizations. Construction regionally is powerful, while the industry plays an essential role in improving the local economy, as well as being the principal creator of employment and wealth.

Leather Market Suppliers & Buyers:

The leather is traded from other countries as the semi-completed in a wet blue stage as a finished product. The worth of the leather is more than the semi-processed skins and hides and therefore provides competitive achievements to some of the developing nations. According to a report generated in 2003, the exports of the bovine leather was approximated to be around $2.6 billion with the United States being the biggest exporter occupying about 16 percent of global exports. A significant decline in the exports of China during the years of 2002 and 2003 in comparison to the earlier years is mainly due to the increasing demand of the leather products and goods within the country. Italy is considered to be the largest exporter of the finished leather with 30 percent of the global exports and earning about $9.9 billion at the end of 2004. China’s exports improved from about $95 million in 1999 to being $964 at the end of 2004, making it the second largest export in the world.