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Import To : Egypt
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 860 Pieces
Order Value: 760
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: South Sudan
Quantity : 510 Pieces
Order Value: 5100
Expected Price : 10
Import To : Saudi Arabia
Supplier Country: Bangladesh
Quantity : 670 Pieces
Order Value: 2600
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Finland
Supplier Country: Iraq
Quantity : 660 Pieces
Order Value: 19000
Expected Price : 30
Import To : Belgium
Supplier Country: Sudan
Quantity : 540 Pieces
Order Value: 9500
Expected Price : 20
Import To : Brazil
Supplier Country: Ethiopia
Quantity : 590 Pieces
Order Value: 3500
Expected Price : 10
Import To : China
Supplier Country: Uganda
Quantity : 670 Pieces
Order Value: 5900
Expected Price : 10
Import To : Oman
Supplier Country: United States
Quantity : 680 Pieces
Order Value: 22000
Expected Price : 30
Import To : Nigeria
Supplier Country: South Sudan
Quantity : 690 Pieces
Order Value: 18000
Expected Price : 30
Import To : Maldives
Supplier Country: Algeria
Quantity : 740 Pieces
Order Value: 11000
Expected Price : 20

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BanglesBracelets Supplier Country India
Company Name Kris Enterprise
Price: Ask Buyer
BRASS BANGLE Supplier Country India
Company Name Divine Creations
Price: Ask Buyer
Silicone bracelet
Silicone bracelet Supplier Country China
Company Name Neworiental Gift Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Wooden Bangles
Wooden Bangles Supplier Country India
Company Name Mayank Overseas
Price: Ask Buyer
Dazzling Handpainted Wooden Bangle
Dazzling Handpainted Wooden Bangle Supplier Country Thailand
Company Name Siam Vendora Int&#039l Trading
Price: Ask Buyer
wooden bangle
wooden bangle Supplier Country India
Company Name NaginaCrafts
Price: Ask Buyer
Wooden bangles set
Wooden bangles set Supplier Country China
Company Name Megaze industry co., limited
Price: Ask Buyer
Philippine wooden bangles &amp bracelets necklaces
Philippine wooden bangles &amp bracelets necklaces Supplier Country Philippines
Company Name CAE exporter of Buntal, Sabutan, Pearls, Kukui nuts, kukui leis &amp Abaca bags
Price: Ask Buyer
WOODEN BANGLE Supplier Country India
Company Name Divine Creations
Price: Ask Buyer
Hand Painted Wooden Bangle Paisley Design
Hand Painted Wooden Bangle Paisley Design Supplier Country Philippines
Company Name MEZ Trading
Price: Ask Buyer


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Bangles 74 6 342
Designer Bangles 67 9 363
Fashion Bracelets 36 8 236
Silicone Bracelet 148 5 55
Wooden Bangle 82 18 295
Kids Bangles 43 13 114
Studded Bangle 68 10 152
Chain Bracelet 82 7 134
Pearl Bracelet 67 9 149
Fashion Bangles 79 50 376

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Bangles, Bracelets & Anklets Market Trends Bangles are the first choice by women of all ages. They come in variety of style and material. Few of the famous materials are metal, glass, wood or plastic. Main target markets for the bangles are South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. These are worn throughout the life on different occasion and even in regular life. Main occasions on which they are worn are wedding when the bride is made to wear them few other occasions are there too. They are known or called with several names in different areas or location around the globe. Bangles Fabrication Mainly two types of bangles are manufactured one are seamless or cylindrical and other one are split or spring type which could be opened or closed and easy to wear as well. Main materials Bangles come in variety of materials as per the wish of the wearer. They are available in above materials along with dangling stuff attached to them or some stones or beads attached on them. In the sub-continent or India glass bangles are pretty much common women like to wear them a lot. Glass Bangles: Glass bangles are very famous in day to day life of indian women they are available in variety of colors and sizes. Wooden Bangles: They are not as common as Glass, but still they come in variety of design and style. Few have beautiful carvings on them while few are studded with stones or have beautiful color designs. Metal Bangles: Metal bangles are very famous among women. Some precious metals are also used in making the metal bangles. Gold is the most famous metal along with platinum, silver, copper, brass. They are available in variety of customizable designs. Precious metals bangles are costly and not affordable for everyone. They are considered as status symbol as well. Women wearing a lot of precious metal stuff are considered to be rich. Touch of gold bangles produces a very sweet sound as well. Metal specially gold studded bangles are further studded with precious stones on them like diamonds, ruby, zircons etc. to enhance the beauty of them. Hundreds and thousands of designs are available in this category. Plastic or Rubber Bangles It’s another kind of bangles usually common in youngsters and small children as they are available in variety of colors and light in weight so they are preferred choice by parents and unbreakable quality of them makes them a preferred choice of parents for young girls. Lac Bangles: Lac is a natural resign which is also used to make bangles. They are available in beautiful color on them but these types of bangles are not very common. Lac is basically a secretion by insects which is later kilned and made to be worn. Bracelets Bracelets are among the one most commonly worn jewelry article or accessory. They are more trendy and fashionable articles. They also come with a lot of designs or precious stones attached to them or even non costly hanging stuff to them. Bracelets are worn on wrist. There are several types of bracelets available in the market. Beaded bracelets are made by making hole in the center of beads and tying them with a string Charm Bracelets They come with charms or decorative stuff attached to them or some other customized stuff as per the desire of wearer. Link Bracelets They are customized bracelets made with linking different materials like stones or metals. Anklets: Anklets are among one of the famous jewelry accessories worn by women. They come in variety of types and materials. Anklets are sometimes called ankle chains, ankle strings or ankle bracelets. They are made up of gold, silver or beads etc. They are more trendy in sub content or south east asia along with its acceptance in united states as well. They produce sweet sound when a wearer walks. Industry Overview: According to Global gems and Jewellry market forcast and opportunities 2018, the jewwellry market has expanded over the time and yetthe same trend is to be seen in 2018. The economic recession in 2008 till 2010 hit this industry as well but usually the the growth rate is is CGAR 5 percent per anum. The global market for jewlellry expectedly made a revenue of 257 billion in 2017. The main driving markets for this industry are asia pacific and middle east region. Both real and imitation jewellry is used by women in these regions. As per the reports by Research and Markets, indian jewellry ,market is to show compound annual growth rate of 15.95 percent over the time span of 2014 to 2019. Trend for jewellry has risen as per the increse of disposable income among masses. Women like to spend on them selves to look more beautiful and trendy. Role of Brands: Brands are playing havoc. People are crazy for brands and willing to pay extra for buying their choice of brand. Both online and offline medioums have influencced the lives of people. But as per the studies offiline market is still the leader in this domain. As people have a chance to see, feel and wear before making any final decision. While online contributes a real little part in it. All high ups or decision makers have come to a conclusion that branded jewelry will claim higher share in market by 2020. It is expected that branded segement will be covering 30 to 40 percent In the old days it was expected that only the well know brands can do well or perform well in jewellry market key player like Cartier and Tiffany & Co., but it isi expected to see a growth from the companies like Dior, Louis vuitton who wer basically leaders in appearel but now introduces jewellery and becoming well know in the domain as well. The entrance of gaints in branded jewellery industry will hurt the small artisan who doesn’t have much budget for marketing . Competitive Strengths Unique Design : Designs are core value in jewelry industry. Whether it’s a bangle, bracelet or ankelt unquie design can make to compete with your competetor. Manufacturing facility: For commercial use or mass scale manufactring one must one stste of the art manuafcturing facility so as to create a master piece. With all the finessness and beautifull edges. Retails presence: As mentioned above jewelry is still more inclinede towards offline so to be a leader one must have ample retail existance. As a matter of fact when it comes to spending a substancile ammont of money to but jewellry one always thing of going to brick and mortar store. Innovation: Innovative design team can help you penetrate into desired markets and capture the desired market share. New trendy looks are most needed. Marketing : Strong marketing skills could result in getting good market share. Both offline and online tools could help. Digital markets: As for fashion jewellry or accoessories, digital market will be best place. It is expected to have higher sales volume if messages are conveyed through there. This not only can help make channels but also make a consumer aware of the brand or product more easily. According to the Mckinsey servey, 2/3 of the major brands use digital medium prior to making their products avaiable in offline avenues. Offline Landscape. Brick and morter has been always a best avenue for fashion jewellry and accessories. For exapmle a very well know barnd Pandora incresed its offline presence from 200 locations in 2009 to more than 800 in 2012. Studded Jewellry (Bracelets, Bangles and Anklets) Studded jewellry market is hign margin domain in jewellery industry . as we have the margin to aad different stuff to make a unique design. Stones, metals etc etc could be used to make the creations . Opportunities and threats: In the middle east and asia pacific regions jewellry is a must. Women is considered incomplete with ornaments or jwewlllery. 90 percent of the women population in this area consider traditional jewelry as the best but new generation is opting for more convenient and trendy stuff. They opt to buy from the online or digital platforms with ease which may effect in longer run the offline market trend. Major Exporting contries: Its is observed that the main exorting contries for fashion jewellery or bracelet , bangles etc is china, india, United arab emirates and LAMEA region. Asia pacific region is expected to have a growth rate of CGAR 8.5 percent during 2016 – 2022. Key Market Players Currently costume jewellery or fashion jewellery is trendy among all walks of life. Whether it’s a corporate world women or collage or school going girl all need to look great and use these ornaments in any form or type.