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USB Charger 78 38 137
AC Charger 50 34 114
Drained Battery Scrap 23 16 2
Jump Starter 159 66 31
Batteries 37 17 1
Battery Chargers 24 6 2
Air Motors 22 8 144
PMDC Motor 18 7 91
“BATTERIES AND CHARGED STORAGE DEVICE” Market Trend The global market for lithium batteries is rapidly growing and is expected to reach 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. With the entry of high-end, high-end batteries, expansion of packaging applications. In the competition, the science of lithium particles has fiercely battled the storage, such as corrosive lead, in many of these applications. In all cases, the key properties of execution are to allow lithium particles to establish the penetration, resulting in growth opportunities. Currently, most lithium-ion batteries were used as part of buyer electronic device, such as cell phones and notebook, computers etc. In any case, automotive products used in Electric Vehicles and in storage applications, may promote the development. Lithium-ion battery production has been highlighted due to the power supply problems caused by the earthquake in eastern Japan and the worldwide network, as all the electronic equipment needs energy to perform any function. Basically, the most important need is the communication system. Domestic and foreign lithium battery manufacturers into the capacity of the framework of business areas, lithium battery market capacity is taking off. In any case, from now on the capacity of the show is still in its infancy, so the development of advertising requires some investment. TDK Corporation, Samsung SDI Corporation, LG Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Hitachi Co., Ltd. and so on are the largest companies in the market to produce battery and charged devices. After the buyers' presentation, Korean companies gained a strong share of the revenue due to their weak income and cost-intensiveness. On the contrary, Japanese and Chinese companies gained a large share. As the market becomes increasingly concentrated, the rise of Japanese companies has particularly driven China's intergenerational mobility. Industry Trends & Market Shares The advance storage system market in the world was recorded as 821.2 million dollars in 2014. The contribution was mainly from the steady growth of electricity consumption and increase in the energy supply and demand gap will propel the growth in future. The energy management is crucial all over the world and receiving high concentration to meet the demands of energy by product development in future. The research and development for sustainable energy solutions will further increase the growth of the storage devices. The market will increase as the environmental concerns are wide related to energy production. The standby power of the product for transmission that will allow vehicle charging stations will increase the demand f advance energy storage systems and batteries Increase in awareness of using renewable energy will also drive the growth of batteries. Solar panel or Photovoltaic cells are expected to grow in developing economies that are facing energy shortage is the main driven factor to increase the system. Major regions will show extensive growth that include: Japan, China, Germany, India, Italy and United States that are expected to increase the utilization of the products. Other countries that are cautious for environmental and sustainable problems includes: Sweden, Netherlands, and Greenland etc. Asia Pacific is expected to show the growth at a CAGR of 15.7 % by 2025 due to the increase in demand of the energy requirements. The pricing can be summed up as a general and approximate value, Global implication of the market can be determined and mentioned as follow. The global Electrolyte Manganese dioxide contributed 586.1 tons that were used in batteries in 2016. The batteries of composed of EMD include sectors such as electricity and Automotives that are expected t grow further and will increase the market demand. This is an essential component used in Li-ion, Zinc and Carbon and act as a cathode for the battery that allow more durability and better performance. However use of solar and wind energy farms grid storage batteries will replace Li-ion batteries. Electric Vehicle market in Germany, US and Japan that have stable economy will expand the market of batteries. The vehicles are highly accepted and often been given incentives by the Government to use the batteries. The vehicle market will support the growth of EMD market. EMD have 90 % market share in batteries that will be anticipated by increasing demand from India and China. The application segment of Li-ion batteries includes hand-held games, MP3 players, digital camera and smart phones. The Li-ion batteries are rechargeable and can be used in wind and power systems. The EMD industry is highest in North America that accounted 41 % demand in 2016. The regional market of North America will lose market share in future due to increase in demand of primary and secondary cells in Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific will show the significant growth by 2025. China was observed as the major EMD exporter and producer in 2016. India will show reasonable growth in the market by increasing in consumption of electronic appliances. Manganese is highly produced in China, South Africa, Australia and Gabon which exports 90 % of global exports. Technical Advancements The excellent progress can be made by the strong interest in the generation of battery and storage devices. The desire of technological advancement is based on that the interest in the functioning of the polymer memory device such as batteries and super capacitors. Although, the general studies on electrical design has made the maximum limits of doping thicknesses and solid materials for polymers. The major used polymers are polypyrrole, polythiophene and polyaniline. It is considered unbearable for the development of batteries made by the application of polymer. For each polymer, the upper density must be from operational function seems to be in between 0.5 and 1.0 electrons, that relies on structure ionic species and processing. This can also be utilized in charging and discharging of polymers. These findings indicate that the measurement of the electronically-oriented polymer class may eventually reach the level required for battery use. The simple way is to calibrate the massive anode creation in the world, sending batteries with more similarities in the use of solar cells and as part of solar cells. The best idea is to be able to see the direct effects of atom and polymer design in this situation. Current Key Players The best battery market internationally is present in china, while U.K. is at second leading market for battery and charged devices. This includes, Johnson control, Lishen, HK electronics, Gerch, LG, CATL (Nirgde, china), Tesla Motors/ (Nevada. us), Lishen (Tianjin. China), LG (Ochang, S Korea), BYO China (Shenzhen. China), LG (Nanjing. China), LG Chem (Wroclaw, Poland), Samsung SDI (ulsan, S Korea), Power (Livang. China), power (Liyang, China), Samsung SDI (Xian. China), LG Chn (Michigan, US), etc. The global market can be fragmented with presence of different participants that provide multiple technologies for storage. These companies include: AES, Alevo, GE, LG Chem and Altair that are mainly inlvolved in the research and development of storage devices. Alevo had an agreement with Systems Control to manufacture and design Alevo’s GridBank energy Storage package in March 2015. Energy storage and charge storage device were decreases in 2016 due to the amnagense ores price decline. The top companies that included in this sector such as Xiangtan Electrochemical Scientific Limited, Tosoh Corporation, Tronox Ltd and Prince International Corporation accounted to have the 50 % of market revenue in 2016. Other Companies for this storage include: American Manganese Inc, Mesa Minerals Limited, Metallic Mince-Chem private Limited and Micromesh Minerals that are dominant in providing the similar devices. Figure 2 market share of different vendor Political Changes The local battery market of China is Gray market, and has non- statistical size of the market. The battery material and the consumption volumes are at the low end (c$O.30/Wh-$O.40/Wh). According to the statistics of 2013, the cell basis at around $5bn and the local market of China and Japan is still in growing condition, although the state policies have also changes which only impact the local market of the country. Mineral policy of US is promoting the development of private mineral extraction in the region. The policies are being developed to favor domestic production and reduce the reliability on import product of minerals which are also important for batteries. The companies are highly investing in EMD production that could decrease the environmental impacts. The development will lead to the cost effective production and steer monetization of such approaches. The conversion of Manganese oxide ore in to EMD requires high temperature which requires huge amount of energy and release large amount of flue gases and particulate matters. The particulate matters releases are associated with metal ion pollution that is highly dangerous and affecting streams, aquifers and drinking water. Mesa Mineral has developed an alternative by suing hydrometallurgical process to convert ore into high quality and pure EMD.