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Import To : Iran
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 2500 Pieces
Order Value: 980000
Expected Price : 384.62
Import To : South Korea
Supplier Country: Japan
Quantity : 2700 Pieces
Order Value: 840000
Expected Price : 307.69
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: Kenya
Quantity : 1900 Pieces
Order Value: 1937476.92
Expected Price : 1046.15
Import To : Belgium
Supplier Country: South Korea
Quantity : 1400 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Algeria
Supplier Country: Sri Lanka
Quantity : 2400 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Malaysia
Quantity : 2200 Pieces
Order Value: 64000
Expected Price : 29.23
Import To : Greece
Supplier Country: Netherlands
Quantity : 2200 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Russian Federation
Supplier Country: New Zealand
Quantity : 1500 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Brazil
Supplier Country: Pakistan
Quantity : 2800 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Oman
Supplier Country: Portugal
Quantity : 2700 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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CaraUSB branded twister metal clip usb flash disk 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
CaraUSB branded twister metal clip usb flash disk 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB Supplier Country China
Company Name CaraUSB Technology LIMITED
Price: 5$
keychain Supplier Country China
Company Name Zhong shang li shang Hardware products f
Price: Ask Buyer
Replacement ink cartridgey for Riso Comcolor 7150R/9150R S-6709G/6710G/6711G/6712G
Replacement ink cartridgey for Riso Comcolor 7150R/9150R S-6709G/6710G/6711G/6712G Supplier Country China
Company Name Nanjing Stylo Office Supplies Co.,ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Gift Package Wood USB Flash Drive 8GB Rosewood USB Sticks
Gift Package Wood USB Flash Drive 8GB Rosewood USB Sticks Supplier Country China
Company Name Shenzhen Promomilia Technology CO,Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
customer printing pen USB flash drive pendrive gift usb flash
customer printing pen USB flash drive pendrive gift usb flash Supplier Country China
Company Name HX gift USB electronic company LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Pendrive usb Gifts
Pendrive usb Gifts Supplier Country Poland
Company Name Krati
Price: Ask Buyer
Metal Usb Flash Drives Customized Pendrive 4GB 8GB 16GB
Metal Usb Flash Drives Customized Pendrive 4GB 8GB 16GB Supplier Country China
Company Name Shenzhen Promomilia Tech Co., LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
voista Rubyc10
voista Rubyc10 Supplier Country China
Company Name VOISTA(HK)CO.,LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Voista Pearlc15
Voista Pearlc15 Supplier Country China
Company Name VOISTA(HK)CO.,LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Fiber Optical Cleaning tool kit
Fiber Optical Cleaning tool kit Supplier Country China
Company Name Shenzhen oplinkbay Group
Price: Ask Buyer


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Pen Drive 64 28 120
Laptop Accessories 35 24 113
Computer Stationery 46 20 94
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DVD Disk 42 14 117
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Compact Disc 37 13 104
SanDisk Pen Drive 10 7 135
Data Storage Device 35 15 103
Printer Ribbons 76 39 121

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Computer Stationary Products Computer stationary products belong to IT sector. There are many businesses which currently are operating and additionally there are many businesses which will become the locus of the economy in upcoming era. This industry can be deemed as a driver for growth, development and innovation in the industry. Success in this line of products implies overcoming of persisting challenges and issues in the mainstream. Increasingly, all of these issues and challenges are meant to resolve the products appearance and usability. Current Trends in Market The international market of computer stationary products is projected to meet the target of two billion till 2019 as being a developed market for the product. Since supply is improvising at a speedy rate. Most of the researchers have asserted constructively that the paper-based products are in lesser demand in major developed countries because of automation of industry, appearance of IT, and prospects of blooming which have raised for the computer based products; for instance computer supplies and printer. The apparent and current trends include multi-channel marketing, higher demand for computer stationary products or printers and development of business via M&A. Retailers and manufacturers are currently using many channels to place products in market via various mediums. In current online era, the supply and office stationary market is placing its range of products on online medium with an assistance of e-tailers. Some retailers and manufacturers are also coming up on their respective online base or portals. There are major trends in the supply and computer products market for supplies. The industry automation and combination of IT has potentially driven each segment of the industry. Toner cartridges have attained a position of the largest industry contributor since its demand is kept on rising. The rate of 9% is continuously on growth through 2019. In this segment, the leading manufacturers are comprised of HP, Canon, Seiko Epson and Brother. They are selling their respective products via Office Depot, Staples and Walmart. Leading industry players desire penetration in the industry. This can be attained via M&A that is taken place with competitors for increasing the footprint in industry. It can be learnt from an illustration that Office Depot in 2013 started working with Office Max. “Staples” put a bid for acquiring Office Depot. The strategy of acquisition was aimed to strengthen the share in the industry and to enable it for becoming the only largest US market player. Current Industrial Trends The computer based industry is mostly in position of fluctuations. A vast range of product classification and description of the sector is a means via landscape is continuously shifting. The observers are evident of greater volatility as compared to usual volatility and it has started to put an effect on the companies which deal in computer products. largely, the computer based companies are investigating the business structure and then taking bold steps for driving better performance. The companies are doing so since profits and shares are in disruptive type with well-funded structures of starters and other competitors. Resultantly, a competition has been created and clients have become more demanding in terms of performance of the products. They are not just looking for better appearances but for performance and platforms on which they can buy or trade computer products at the possible least price. M&A of 2014 has been in news and EMC, Symantec, HP, EBay, and IBM have told their stories where a great amount of volatility and fluctuations have been observed in terms of dealing in the industry. For instance, IBM has made an investment in the domain of cloud computing and data sectors. In doing this, IBM is hoping to reap and drive a potential growth in terms of revenues that has been sluggish since the point of recession. Another illustration is of Symantec that is famous for its antivirus products. The company has initiated two subsidiaries in domains of information management and cyber security with being attentive on the application of data storage. These domains are perceived by competitors as tough areas and company envisions that such separation can offer better development opportunities in terms of revenue and profits via distinct strategies and policies of businesses, up-to-the-point investments and well-researched R&D. Events from Global Market “Staples” has become the largest supplier of computer based products in international market. It has attained a position of the second greatest online retailers with its online presence on portal. There are many manufacturers who might be applying mobile-based and social media placements for encouraging clients so that they can purchase products. Facts about Buyers and Sellers The major players are: Major Trading Countries The major trading countries are USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, Japan, Latin America and Middle East. The markets of the product are present in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, and France. Most of the growth is projected from less developed countries; for instance, India, China, and South Korea. Possible Impacts of Political Changes The political elements are contingent with the IT sector that is poised for projected 5% growth. This highest rating in the industry has been attained in the world by this sector. There is a robust demand for clients in the industry for the products. There is an uptake for the segments of products and services as being the central contributors for the positive sentiments. A development in revenue has described the situations. A consensus of projection and development in sector has attained a practical 5% growth in the technology sector and it is projected to be improved in 2018. In this scenario, if political situations are placed in apt direction, this market can attain better results and more productive stances. It can be projected that 7% development is certain in case there is lesser political mayhem. It is not just only element but there are other challenging elements and opportunities; such as in the shape of labour market of technology sector where there is more demand as compared to supply. This needs attention from public sector. If public sector creates useful environment and area for cultivation, the products can be attained and received a better position in the industry. Possible Impact of Recent Technical Advancements The technology is developing at a faster pace. There are many organizations who pursue an incremental type of transitions, adding or updating piecemeal of technology and it is catered by workflows adjustments. The management and technical sector are awakening towards the reality that such approach or practice is mostly deemed as lesser adequate in rapid changing environment and dynamics of customer. The technical advancements is more than simple chasing of latest and shiny computer products, but it is an idea to embrace mindset of organization with proactive planning in terms of digital era. Possible impact of changes in trade policies There are some trends or elements which would directly be impacted due to change in trade policies. These impacts are succinctly presented as: To keep these elements in view, there would be a potential impact of changing trade policies on business of computer products. So, the trade policies are required to be substantial and useful for the development and expansion of the business. Future Prospects A vast majority of computer systems and products is stemmed from purchases which are made by public or corporate entities. There is a smaller portion that belongs to spending from households; for instance business based at home. In future, to make differentiation between actual purchase and purchase by sole client would be difficult because of online as well as physical presence. Last year, the industry recorded a prospective amount of sale and it was deemed as an appropriate year of the history. In 2018, there are chances that the industry will make its mark in many lofty territories. The component of each segment of the market is actually performing well. It includes economy rating. It has been reported that the industry of computer products stationary has attained its peak point comparatively to 17 years. It has recorded the highest level in almost 34 years period. The USA has reported an appropriate development and growth in IT sector and computer stationary products are one part of them. On this basis, a sentiment of optimism is created and there are higher chances to attain more development and progresses in upcoming periods. In the inter-connected economy, a little blip in a country can rapidly cause issues for trading partners.