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Import To : Belgium
Supplier Country: Tunisia
Quantity : 670 Pieces
Order Value: 15000
Expected Price : 20
Import To : North Korea
Supplier Country: Morocco
Quantity : 680 Pieces
Order Value: 890
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Saudi Arabia
Supplier Country: Peru
Quantity : 700 Pieces
Order Value: 2500
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Jordan
Supplier Country: Ukraine
Quantity : 770 Pieces
Order Value: 13000
Expected Price : 20
Import To : Greece
Supplier Country: Uganda
Quantity : 770 Pieces
Order Value: 2700
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: Czech Republic
Quantity : 800 Pieces
Order Value: 930
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Spain
Supplier Country: Zambia
Quantity : 810 Pieces
Order Value: 530
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : South Korea
Supplier Country: Belgium
Quantity : 820 Pieces
Order Value: 710
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Senegal
Supplier Country: Ghana
Quantity : 880 Pieces
Order Value: 1400
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: Ireland
Quantity : 690 Pieces
Order Value: 2500
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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Jute bags
Jute bags Supplier Country Bangladesh
Company Name Dreamexco
Price: Ask Buyer
Cotton tote bag no gusset with bottom
Cotton tote bag no gusset with bottom Supplier Country China
Company Name Laraty Packing & Crafts Co., Ltd
Price: 0.1-2 USD
2019 High quality hot selling cotton canvas vintage backpack
2019 High quality hot selling cotton canvas vintage backpack Supplier Country China
Company Name Guangzhou Piliao Leather Co.,Ltd
Price: 9.9
jute Bags
jute Bags Supplier Country Bangladesh
Company Name dewan trade international
Price: Ask Buyer
Christmas Bag
Christmas Bag Supplier Country Bangladesh
Company Name Diamond Jute Diversification & Co.
Price: Ask Buyer
Recycled Jute Bag
Recycled Jute Bag Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name MS Gift global trading company
Price: Ask Buyer
JuteCotton Decorative Bags
JuteCotton Decorative Bags Supplier Country India
Company Name Q-Sorts India
Price: Ask Buyer
All types of Jute
All types of Jute Supplier Country United Kingdom
Company Name Global Induction Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
jute wine bag
jute wine bag Supplier Country China
Company Name Yangzhou meeya co.,ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Jute Shopping bags
Jute Shopping bags Supplier Country India
Company Name Asquare Enterprises
Price: Ask Buyer


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Keyword Total Products Total Suppliers Total Buyers Top Seller Countries Top Buyer Countries
Jute Bags 199 82 136
Fancy Jute Bag 34 8 243
Jute Fashion Bags 34 13 241
Printed Jute Bag 48 11 233
Designer Jute Bag 50 8 241
Jute Wine Bag 7 2 67
Jute Carry Bag 35 12 226
Bottle Jute Bag 87 12 194
Jute Gift Bags 42 11 232
Jute Pouch Bags 38 14 159

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Unfortunately, these days’ shopping malls are not providing their customers with the facility of free plastic shopping bags; yet it is a positivity to watch that they are insisting on selling the cotton, jute and canvas bags at such nominal price that is similar to carry bags. Moreover, it is indicating the eagerness of vendor for making the consumer becoming aware of hazards, specifically regarding the pollution of atmosphere by help of plastic which could be transferring over to centuries. As the landfills are vitiating the earth, harming crops, while if being swept in the oceans they are contributing to the wanton assassination of aquatic and marine life. No doubt the dead whales have been often observed to be floating near the sea beaches in a number of countries, globally. The Cotton, jute and canvas tote bags are found to be manufactured globally in numerous countries, with the provided fact that they are bio-degradable or self-destroyable in a shorter time period after getting discarded, hence not becoming a harm to the environment. In addition to this, they are reusable, hence compensating to the minor expenditures. Market Trend The online market survey is showing the fact that there is a huge amount of jute, cotton and canvas bags suppliers that are located mainly across Asia. The top supplies countries are India, China (Mainland), and United States, which are supplying 28 %, 69 % and 1 % the tote bags correspondingly. The products of tote bags are massively popular across the Northern America, Northern and Western Europe. One could be ensuring the safety of products through the selection from suppliers that are certified. The global market of tote bags is intended to be progressing on a significant speed over the time period of forecast i.e. the years of 2018-2024. The utilization of carry bags is immensely progressing among the females of every age group globally. Such rising demand of the tote bags could be attributing towards the availability of a massive range of the tote bags for meeting the requirements. In addition to this, the progression of the environmental awareness in the population is increasing the preferences of consumers for the carry bags over the plastic bags. The quality of reusability of the tote bags with the eco-friendly advantages for using carry bags are much likely for becoming the massive factors for being a reason of the market progression of the tote bag globally. On the basis of region, the global market of tote bags is segmented into Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & the regions of Africa. Among all of these regions, the North American market of tote bags is predicted to be progressing at considerable pace in the span of the forecasted time period. The American women are adopting the tote bags for a number of applications for instance the shopping of daily retail and much more. To add to this, the continuous enhancements in looks, strength and sizes of tote bags is allowing these products to be getting served for the purposes of fashion along with the ones that are practical.  The higher adoption rates of the tote bags among the female population across the North American region has been projecting to be driving the market growth of tote bags across the region over a forecasted time period. Apart from Northern America, the tote bags market of Asia Pacific is envisioned for witnessing robust growth in the duration of the forecasted time period. Furthermore, the market of tote bags across Asia Pacific has been thriving due to the huge amount of population base with the facts of progressing retail shopping across the countries of Asia. The Asian countries governments for instance China and India are awaking their population against the plastic’s harmful effect on environment with the encouragement for population to utilize reusable tote bags as an alternative of the bags made of plastic. For example, China is prohibiting shops, retailers and supermarkets for distributing free bags made up of plastic which are less thick than 0.025mm. Such initiative taken by China has resulted in the reduction of the usage of plastic bags by 66 % till the end of last year, i.e. 2017. The tote bags across the globe have been segmented by their application of the causal tote bags, shopping tote bags, casual daily usage tote bags, laptop tote bags, sports tote bags, business and travelling tote bags, personalized tote bags and the rest. Among such segments, the tote bags for shopping are dominating the global market of tote bags across the world. The emerging preferences for the tote bags over the plastic bags for purposes of shopping is likely for intensifying the market growth in the upcoming years. The Asia pacific is accounted for having the largest share of market for the products of canvas owing to larger scale of the canvas production coupled with a huge amount of availability of the cotton for the progression of economies in China and India. Additionally, the industrial growth including bags, footwear, apparel, tent and tarpaulin is expected for propelling the growth of market across the region of the period that is forecasted. The contribution of Northern America at significant canvas product’s market share owing to the market demand progression from the shipping and awnings industries. The contribution of Europe for the market share that is significant owing to demand of canvas that is available by the shipping industry across the region. Though, Europe is predicting to be witnessing slow growth rate as per the predicted time period because of unfavorable conditions of economy. Also, Africa is expecting to be witnessing a significant amount of growth owing for growing the development of infrastructures across Nigeria while the South African region is expecting market growth of augmented canvas products. The Key Players Future Prospects We could be expecting a progression in the market of cotton, jute and canvas bags as they are reusable, stylish, cool and eco-friendly. No doubt this world is starving for a pollution free world and a number of platforms are fighting against the materials that are contributing to a world full of pollution. The demands of global consumer for the products that are eco-friendly is increasing in the developed markets for instance the Australasia, Western Europe and the United States along with the recent markets having emerging opportunities for instance the Middle East, both, majorly due to the amplified awareness regarding the bad effects of the environmental pollution on the global warming. Also, the large chain stores are offering the alternative bags that are made up of cotton or jute material. Hence, proving that there are healthier global demands for such products because of the progressing awareness along with the higher demand for the products that are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. By this time because of the demands of consumers, there is progressing amount of the manufacturers and providers of jute, cotton and canvas bags, which is making it much easier and affordable for switching to the shopping bags that are eco-friendly, for the both type of customers no matter if they are domestic or international. The tote bag’s industry is having a future which is bright particularly. Because of the characteristics of being biodegradable and eco-friendly, it could be predicted that the tote bags would be continuing to be keeping their global presence. Also it could be assumed safely that any thriving sector of jute bags would be helpful for employing another group of people of about 1.5 million, either directly or indirectly, across the developing countries like Bangladesh. The huge range of the tote bags, can be bringing in much more required foreign exchange predominantly at the time when reserves are depleting at a faster rate. It could be estimated that approximately Tk 500-700 crores could be grossed in the upcoming next 5 years. One of major importers of Indian Jute is Brazil, with an estimation for having a market of approximately 25, 000 tonnes of the food grains, with a little amount of producers of Indian jute bag been awarded a 0 duty, hence opening new doors for the producers of the other industry.