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DISPOSABLE CUTLERY AND CROCKERY Both the terms have different meanings but after examining the both either by definition or usage purpose, it will be looking like the same things with different nomenclature. The industry of the both is also the same in business community & domestic users also think as a one unit. The outlets of the both are also the same. So, let’s define the both. To be more precise it is better to define these terms. CUTLERY This terms is used for eating utensils (essentials & supporting things) for eating and serving foods on dining table e.g. Knives, spoons etc. One should remember that the cutlery is associated with helping products while eating and other items such as plates, cups etc cannot be associated with this type of eating utensil. CROCKERY This term is used for items mostly or purposefully required on dining table e.g. Plates, cups, bowls etc. Disposable Cutlery & Crockery In the ancient era or even the in the recent past, cutlery & crockery products were restricted to, being made of steel or wood. But, as the time passed, human beings started thinking of with different ideas. Therefore, another productive & affordable idea was generated called ‘disposable’, in general. The term disposable means ‘the items that can be recycled or disposed off after usage’. The paper was first used in 1867 for making disposable paper plate by Hermann Henschel who was a bookbinder in profession, belonging to Germany. Disposable cutlery and crockery are made of paper, plastic cotton or polystyrene foam. Aluminum, combination of starches being recycled and polylactic acid are also used recently in manufacturing disposable cutlery & crockery products. Thus, the cutlery and crockery that can be disposed off or recycled is called disposable cutlery & crockery. Used items are being recycled from 10 to 100 percent. USAGE & BENEFITS Disposable cutlery and crockery are used for different daily lifestyle i.e (1) For parties (2) For weddings (3) For outdoor picnics & many more. The disposable products are compatible w.r.t need based requirements and also reliable that once has to just dispose off the used items with no worries to take the goods back home, so one can relax, for sure. On the other hand, these disposable products are not very costly. Almost everyone can afford to purchase them. Cheap & convenient is the precise word for cutlery and crockery products. DOMESTIC AND BUSINESS ASPECTS The question of examining disposable cutlery and crockery in respect of domestic and business purposes, is most common in search engines of internet as well as in other related forums by the students, common people and businessmen including investors. Therefore, discussion of domestic and business aspects of disposable cutlery and crockery is very important. In the houses, disposable cutlery and crockery has become blessing while arranging party in the home, as earlier, the steel & wooden items were used that were as costly that one could not even think of disposing off. Hence, it is a blessing for use in homes. While, considering disposable cutlery and crockery in business perspective, the maximized used of these products has drawn intentions of investors, businessmen to start the business of disposable cutlery and crockery. The use of these disposable items has now been as frequent that obviously there is very much scope in the field of manufacturing, packing, deliveries & marketing department of disposable items including cutlery and crockery. How to handle threats of environmental protection Most important thing is to educate humans about safe disposable options. The best way of disposing the garbage created from disposable cutlery and crockery, is to guide people that they throw these garbage into dustbin especially erected in public places as well as in street corners of the residential units. As garbage handling companies are available in every county, therefore, they are responsible to dispose off the collected garbage from different places, in a safe way. They have very secure defined mechanism as regard environmental protection is concerned. Hence, only if the people use dustbin, the solution is here. RESEARCH SPACE AVAILABLE IN THE FIELD There is always a scope of making things purified as there is always a space of research in every field. While we talk about environment protection the composition of disposable cutlery and crockery products are always discussed. Scientists and researchers around the globe are researching to make a better composition while manufacturing material is focused the most. ANALYSIS/REVIEWS Disposable cutlery and crockery products have definitely proven to be the blessing for people as they have found the most affordable and easy to handle option while arranging indoor and outdoor parties with friends & family. In the meanwhile, there are several environmental harms while disposing of disposable items in improper ways like throwing in water and burning these disposable items & products. Hence, as a whole while we use these disposable products in a proper manner from start to disposing them in a proper way, these products are very handy. Moreover, technical research should also be done in order to improve manufacturing process & material enhancement that are less harmful while disposing of. Moreover, an additional option has been created in the field of business, a great opportunity for businessmen that also creates employment option around the globe. So, it is advised to the domestic users as well as investors and businessmen to consider the technical requirement w.r.t. Safety of environment while using these disposable products I.e. Cutlery and Crockery. Blessing is as far considered as blessing unless we use that in proper and safe ways. Use and properly dispose off disposable cutlery and crockery and enjoy the pleasure. The deadliness are requested to be assured.