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isuzu engines
Import To : Thailand
Supplier Country: china
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Valve Tappets
Import To : Uzbekistan
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 106 pices
Order Value: 326154
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Tappet Lifters Pumps
Import To : Russian Federation
Supplier Country: France
Quantity : 265 pices
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Valve Tappet Set
Import To : Ukraine
Supplier Country: Bangladesh
Quantity : 393 pices
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Steel Valve Tappets
Import To : Sweden
Supplier Country: Sri Lanka
Quantity : 170 pices
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Valve Tappet
Import To : Morocco
Supplier Country: Canada
Quantity : 402 pices
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Tappet Set
Import To : Iran
Supplier Country: Spain
Quantity : 352 pices
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Valve Tappet
Import To : Ghana
Supplier Country: Turkey
Quantity : 394 pices
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Excel Automobile Car Engine Valve Tappet
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Hong Kong
Quantity : 173 pices
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Valve Tappet
Import To : Nicaragua
Supplier Country: Malaysia
Quantity : 133 pices
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Punching Machinery Spare Parts Motor Engine Parts
Punching Machinery Spare Parts Motor Engine Parts Supplier Country China
Company Name Henan Yongrong Power Technology Co.Ltd
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Genuine Kubota spare parts
Genuine Kubota spare parts Supplier Country China
Company Name JEA Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
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Automobile Components VALVE TAPPETS
Automobile Components VALVE TAPPETS Supplier Country India
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Valve Tappets
Valve Tappets Supplier Country India
Company Name Scarlett Engineers
Price: Ask Buyer
Valve Tappet
Valve Tappet Supplier Country China
Company Name Beijing FORTUNES Auto Parts &amp Welding Equipments CO., LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Valve Tappet Series
Valve Tappet Series Supplier Country China
Company Name Chongqing Lange Machinery Import &amp Export CO., LTD.
Price: Ask Buyer
Valve Tappet
Valve Tappet Supplier Country China
Company Name Beijing Wuzhou Kingda International Trading Co. Ltd.
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valve tappet
valve tappet Supplier Country China
Company Name Topu Engine Parts Company
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Valve Tappet SF03059
Valve Tappet SF03059 Supplier Country China
Company Name Chengdu Safine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Price: Ask Buyer
Valve Tappet SF03258
Valve Tappet SF03258 Supplier Country China
Company Name Chengdu Safine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Price: Ask Buyer


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The device that transform heat energy to mechanical is known as engine. Engines are `basically the main organ of automobile. Any automated device is run to and from the engine. There are two types of engine classified: External and Internal Combustion. Fuel burning in engine externally is called External combustion, which converts water to steam. That steam have a very high pressure which helps in revolving of turbine. The fuel used in this combustion can be all solid, liquid and gas. The engines are used to generate electric power. Whilst, in internal engine in which the process of fuel burning is used inside the engine, only gases are used to make petrol and diesel which is very high volatile. Electric power can also made by internal combustion. External combustion engine starting “torque” is generally high but internal combustion is considered more effective. Comparatively external combustion is more flexible. Internal combustion engines are small in size and cheap compare to external combustion engine. Spare parts of Engine and Specifications As the need of engines has increased tremendously there are many companies in different countries all over the world that are manufacturing different types of engines with multiple function. Engine s are made by different spare parts that are also manufactured in a large scale worldwide. “Doosan Marine Industry Co., Ltd.” is a Korean company starting from 1980 till now. It is one of the largest global company which manufactures marine engines. Following are the names of parts that are developed by this company. Cylinder Liner - it helps to maintain chambers pressure. It prevents leakage of pressure while combustion cycle is scavenging, compressing, expanding and exhausting. Piston Crown- it helps the move piston up and down inside the cylinder liner and combustion and explosion is absorb in the chamber. Exhaust Valve Spindle- It is opening and closing, and moving up and down in chamber to let exhaust escape. Exhaust Valve Housing- It is used to guide Exhaust Valve Spindle. Pump Barrel Plunger – Is attach to “Fuel Pump Housing” and helps the motion of pressure. Piston Ring- It seals the gas that is exhausted during power stroke and helps to lubricate by generating an oil in cylinder liner. Puncture Valve – When the system stops working puncture valve avoid the fuel to leave by leaving pressurized air in a chamber. Main Bearing- During combustion main bearing help the generated force by journal. Another company Shanghai Diesel Engine Family Co., Ltd is also a leading supplier of diesel engine in china. It is a brand in its self which includes “Cummins, Deutz, Isuzu, Iveco, Nissan, Mitsubishi, MAN, Volvo, MWM, MTU, Perkins, CAT, Daihatsu, Yanmar, Pielstick, Wartsila, Bosch, and EMD”. They claim to supply the genuine spare parts with the best quality. They have high safety standards and there products are widely used in “Automotive, Marine, Construction, Generator, Agricultural, Mining”. Some of their devices shown in figures below. Specifications of Car Engine: Specifications of Locomotive Engine Specifications of Marine power Engine Information on pricing, inventory, delivery, customization There are many sites and companies that hold a large scale of different engines and its parts. An inventory is maintained called inventory management of engines. AJW Group is one the leading company that supply and repair engines and its spare parts. The company have the solutions which allow to make inventories and items accordingly. They also display the contents and help to interact more. They import and export globally. Prices of the engines vary country to country. Following is the price book from 2013 of marine engines.