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Import To : Bulgaria
Supplier Country: china
Quantity : Ask Buyer
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Import To : Pakistan
Supplier Country: china
Quantity : 11
Order Value: 12
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To :
Supplier Country: china
Quantity : 132645
Order Value: 987465
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Germany
Supplier Country: Germany
Quantity : 20 Metric Tons
Order Value: 1 Mio USD
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Ghana
Supplier Country: china
Quantity : Ask Buyer
Order Value: Ask Buyer
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: Canada
Quantity : 320 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Spain
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 3300 Pieces
Order Value: 3100
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Switzerland
Supplier Country: United Kingdom
Quantity : 4200 Pieces
Order Value: 5200
Expected Price : 1
Import To : Hong Kong
Supplier Country: Saudi Arabia
Quantity : 3500 Pieces
Order Value: 7400
Expected Price : 2
Import To : Germany
Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 4100 Pieces
Order Value: 160000
Expected Price : 40

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FD Chive
FD Chive Supplier Country China
Company Name GF&ampA Biotech Development Company Limited Of Chuxiong Yunnan
Price: Ask Buyer
FD German Chives
FD German Chives Supplier Country China
Company Name Ningbo Nengda Foodstuff co., ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
FD Chives
FD Chives Supplier Country China
Price: Ask Buyer
FD chive
FD chive Supplier Country China
Company Name Jiangxi Jinyuan Agriculture Development Co.,ltf
Price: Ask Buyer
Fd Chives Variet
Fd Chives Variet Supplier Country China
Company Name Qingdao Best International Trading Co., LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Company Name Earth Materials
Price: Ask Buyer
Fruit jams
Fruit jams Supplier Country China
Company Name Baoding James Food Trading Co., ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
FD vegetable and fruit
FD vegetable and fruit Supplier Country China
Company Name Fujian Minzhong Organic Food Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch- xxxxx
Price: Ask Buyer
Frozen vegetable and fruit
Frozen vegetable and fruit Supplier Country China
Company Name Fujian Minzhong Organic Food Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch- xxxxx
Price: Ask Buyer
Brine Vegetable and fruit
Brine Vegetable and fruit Supplier Country China
Company Name Fujian Minzhong Organic Food Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch- xxxxx
Price: Ask Buyer


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Dried Fruits and Nuts Dried fruits and edible nuts are consumed without limits. The water quantity is drained out in dried fruits by drying in the sun or by using other methods and equipment’s of dehydration. Low quantity of sodium is found in dried fruits. Potassium and dietary fibre are the good source of dried fruits. They hold the richness of supplements like; vitamin A, vitamin K and iron and a good source of fats, vitamins and amino acids. In European market, the first step is to make sure how food safety system works. By including resources while managing the system will help to obtain good products and the protection of each product. This would help them to succeeding stage of progress and competing with other products. Such management system helps with: The growth of the mature population The high level of reliability The expansion of well-being The expansion of recognition of nuts The main driving force of dried fruit market and edible nuts cause an increase in discretionary cash flow. It is beneficial for people nearing their maturing age to eat dried fruits and edible nuts. There has been an increase in health related problems over the last few years in the age of maturity which could be healed with the right use of dry fruits and nuts. UNDESA (Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations) indicated that in 2012 population division has increased to 810 million people compare to 205 million people in 1950 in maturity. It is expected that be 2050 it will reach to 2 billion. Patients with a heart disease should use solid food like cashews because it helps to maintain cholesterol level. Dried fruits were first used by chocolate makers in their products because they improved the taste of product and other medical benefits. The Global Dried Fruit Market The global market of dried fruits and edible nuts is expected to reach 4.7 million and 62.6 million tons, respectively by 2022. That is because of the development of nut and fruit use in eat less carbohydrates. This query also benefits: The reflections presented by dried fruits and nuts In controlling packages and innovations when processing a solid weight while grouping products The query also benefits from considering the reflections presented by dried fruits and nuts, in controlling packages and innovations when processing a solid weight when grouping products like seeds of fruit plants, intriguing and strange nuts. Providing nuts with special flavours in sweet, caustic, refined, hot and salty aromas The spread of infallible medical benefits through conscious battles of objects initiated by manufacturers. For the growth in the market, it is well suited to use confectionery and bakery products, for the expansion of dried fruits and nuts use as an exclusive fixation in bites. During the review period, Asian-Pacific region targets a rapidly growing market globally with a CAGR of 6% during review time. The growth around the world is due to: The expansion of the working class The development of the expenditure wage The expansion of the consciousness of well-being The ability to spend on reasonable methods of feeding The tendency to solid food. Market Trend Over the past few years a remarkable change is noticed in increment of the total import of edible dried fruits and nuts. During the time period of last year the growth is estimated incredibly high. In the past 5 years the growth rate of import is high in developing countries by 7% compare to the growth rate of import in other countries. This rate of growth is greatly influenced by the good increase in import business in dried fruits and nuts industry from United States. Figure 1: European imports of nuts and edible nuts for the main reason, 2012-2016, in € k More than 70% of all European imports of dried fruits and vegetables are managed by only four countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Figure 2: Major European importers of nuts and edible nuts, 2016, in € k Import of edible nuts and nuts depends on suppliers from developing countries, with the exception of Spain, which should deliver a large number of almonds from the US. New origins in European market For edible nuts and dried fruits, the main contenders are the United States (Almonds and, to a lesser extent, walnuts), Turkey (hazelnuts) and Spain (almonds). For dried fruits, this is Turkey (dried grapes and dried apricots), China (dried vegetables and mushrooms) and the United States (dried grapes, prunes and cranberries). Strong competition for different products includes China (nuts and pine nuts), Vietnam (Brazil nuts), Argentina (prunes), Chile (prunes and dried grapes) and the Philippines (dried coconuts). Among the main suppliers are Vietnam (mainly cashew) and Australia (almonds and walnuts). Almonds mark the highest annual growth. Several new supplier countries from dried fruits and edible nuts also strengthen their positions in the European market; for example, cashew nuts from West African countries, Pakistan and Indonesia, peanuts from Nicaragua, nuts from Eastern Europe or dried grapes from Iran and Uzbekistan. Buyer/Supplier The potential capacity of suppliers (farmers) to exporters from developing countries is gradually expanding. Data is becoming more accessible to farmers because of modern specialized devices, such as cellular phones and computers. As a rule, the model idea of raw material markets will continue, and the markets will move from the fact that buyers are managed under the command of traders. In the long run, for some products, normal is poorly available. A new country is being sought for creation, and farmers are gaining power. Concentration of individual products in several countries gives them a firm agreement force; for example, hazelnuts and raisins from Turkey or almonds from the USA. Subsequently, any place of birth of a new object with excellent delivery has a decent central position as an appreciated contrast option for the prevailing players. The request of developing countries puts Europe under pressure. People are becoming much richer (considering the improvement in the class of white-collar workers in the BRICS and Next Eleven countries), which aroused greater interest in the importation of creative nations. A global application in development generates a price increase. Brazil still faces serious setbacks due to a drop in demand from China and lower raw material prices. In China, there is also a weaker growth, while two imports and tariffs declined. Gradually emerging markets offer large open doors in the medium term. Price, Inventory, Delivery, Customization At the moment there are no normal critical changes, separated from the weakest funds. In the long term, buyers in the United Kingdom will continue to consume dried fruits, and direct imports, unlike middle-class people, are likely to increase. With a weaker British pound, prices will be more expensive; then, again, prices, for example, the sultan fell more than the pound's rate against the dollar. At the time of writing this report, the euro has weakened by 2-3% because of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, which makes imports of euro countries also more expensive. The sign of the borders, as evidenced by the retail prices determined for nuts, is not extremely accurate, since the whole part includes a wide range of products. Prices are as extraordinary among creative nations regarding writing, an assortment of fruits or nuts and the nature of the products. Thus, the creation of national exporters will have a strong overall impression of success in prices. In general, the cost of insurance and freight (CIF) is approaching half the retail price in the packaging for dry fruits. The best choice of prices is the contrast of your proposal and the offer of the main competitors. It would be ideal if you noticed that the supply of retail prices paid to farmers differs significantly between the countries that supply and the type of goods. It also differs from year to year, depending on market conditions, as retailers tend to maintain stable prices for competing buyers, despite fluctuations in import prices. In the event that farmers increase the value of their creation through separate stages of quality, food safety, accreditation and management, their prices may be higher. For example, controlled and reasonable natural drying of accreditation changes, drying in the sun, repair or bombardment can improve the products. Canteens, traders and other catering organizations use dry stocks of edible nuts and dried fruits. Legitimate levels of temperature, ventilation, light, order and stiffness are basic to avoid the appearance of microbes and rust in their products. If you have dry inventory, keep your territory between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 to 60 percent relative humidity. Maintain a strategic distance from high temperatures, while keeping at least two feet between your inventory and the ceiling. Dry accumulation depends on the fact that your staff correctly labels and fixes shelves and containers. Since many dry goods have a short period of usability, organizations that use spare stocks of dry storage in the first place. Certain edible nuts and equipment for dry fruit are stored in refrigerators, refrigerators and refrigerators to ensure safety and quality of protection. In general, refrigerators store food for up to seven days; if you do not need to worry quickly about food, you can use refrigerators that can store certain foods for a year.