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IR Compressor Joint Coupling
Import To : Malaysia
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 1034 Piece
Order Value: 13522
Expected Price : 13
Air Chuck Couplings
Import To : Kenya
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 958 Piece
Order Value: 1474
Expected Price : 2
Mycom Compressor Spare Parts
Import To : Malaysia
Supplier Country: South Africa
Quantity : 145 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Air Compressor Head
Import To : Argentina
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 639 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Ingersoll Rand Compressor Spare
Import To : Argentina
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 935 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Air Compressor Ci Air Head
Import To : Philippines
Supplier Country: Taiwan
Quantity : 116 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Holder Guide
Import To : Iran
Supplier Country: South Africa
Quantity : 103 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Components Spares & Consumables
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 1704 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Compressor Spares
Import To : China
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 1225 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Compressor Balancing Drum
Import To : Argentina
Supplier Country: France
Quantity : 117 Piece
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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Fire hose cabinet
Fire hose cabinet Supplier Country Vietnam
Price: Ask Buyer
Brake resistor Model HHBR, order no. HH TD-941, 890 – 1200V
Brake resistor Model HHBR, order no. HH TD-941, 890 – 1200V Supplier Country China
Company Name China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Hose Clip
Hose Clip Supplier Country Iran
Company Name Foulad Fam Co.,
Price: Ask Buyer
pvc hose
pvc hose Supplier Country China
Company Name yantai huafeng plastic products xxxxx.
Price: Ask Buyer
Flexible Hoses
Flexible Hoses Supplier Country China
Company Name Yanggu Jingyanggang construction mechinery Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
PVCRUBBER air compressor hose
PVCRUBBER air compressor hose Supplier Country China
Company Name Zhejiang Taizhou Girui Plastic and Rubber Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Composite Tubes
Composite Tubes Supplier Country China
Company Name Clover Printing Co Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Cpap tubing
Cpap tubing Supplier Country China
Company Name CANJEE Plastic
Price: Ask Buyer
PVC Hose
PVC Hose Supplier Country China
Company Name refinzer co., ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Mining hose
Mining hose Supplier Country China
Company Name HeBei YuTong Special Rubber Hose Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer


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Hose Pipes 41 24 95
LPG Hoses 46 26 82
Teflon Hoses 44 12 168
Hydraulic Hose Pipe 13 6 151
Industrial Hoses 43 27 153
Rubber Hose 156 47 151
Flexible Hoses 101 76 174
Fire Hose 157 96 132
Gas Hose 83 37 115
Hose Parts 9 0 134
Hose & Hose Fittings Hose consist of a hollow tube that carries fluids to pass and carry from one place to another. Hose and pipes have same function but hose is flexible whereas pipe is rigid and also called as tubing. The hoses are cylindrical in shape and have a cross section at the ends. Hydraulic fittings are mainly used to connect the hoses which are equipped with joints and connecting tools. Industry trends Different researches show different data on market trend for hoses and fittings. Safety requirements in public places demands fire safety system which use rubber or fibre hoses in bulk The fittings are also frequent in this sector as the system requires temporary fittings for hoses. The hoses are commonly connected through coupling joints mainly made of copper for better performance. The copper coupling ensures high pressure effectively and can be used for long term and easy to fit into the joints. Barriers in agricultural sector have been overcome by modernization and mechanization of agricultural activities which has replaced the traditional irrigation activities. The water scarcity has increased the demands of efficient irrigation system with limited resource loss. Hoses are common in developed world or the regions where water is not much abundant and the supply is less than the demand. However countries like China and India are equipped with rich water resources and the hoses in agriculture are very rare. Increase in population in countries is affecting the availability of water resources will increase the demand for hoses in near future in these region also. The construction company has been developed by the private investment from private entities throughout the world which is also supported by the government with tax benefits and technical aids has also increased the demand for thermostat hoses and its coupling. The increase in urbanization with development in construction is projected which will fuel the production of thermostat hoses and fittings. To promote infrastructural development and investment by private entities, governments across the globe are providing tax benefits for such activities, which, in turn is benefitting the construction industry and hence the hydraulic thermoplastic hose and couplings market. In addition, ever-increasing population and growing urbanization are other major factors supporting the economic development in developing economies. The resulting demand for industrial, commercial, and residential space has further triggered demand for construction equipment and thus hydraulic thermoplastic hose and couplings. Target Markets In term of target market by region, demand is highest in Asia Pacific followed by Europe and North America. China and India have highest demand in hoses and fittings due to the increase in construction activities in the region. In north America United States has the highest demand flowed by Canada and Mexico. Some of the countries will show remarkable growth in demand of hoses and fittings which include: Indonesia, Brazil and Russia. The increase in demands of Automobile in European countries is also another market for hoses and fittings. Based on the industrial activities hoses are required highly in petroleum industries which use high quality of hoses in different distillation columns. Textile industry requires steam production and necessary requirements against fire safety and hydrant system in workplace. Most of the textile producer countries are located in South East Asia. Households require hose for water and natural gas supplies that will increase to develop in developing countries which include mega projects for these developments Key market players The top manufacturers of hose and fittings includes: Gates Corporation (United States), Polyhose (India), Eaton Corporation (Ireland), Parker Hannifin Corporation (United States), NORRES Schlauchtechnik (Germany),  Merlett Tecnoplastic (Italy), Terraflex (Israel), Semperflex (Austria), PIRANHA HOSE PRODUCTS (US), UNAFLEX Industrial Products (US), Yokohama Rubber Co (Japan), TEISEN( Japan), RYCO Hydraulics (Australia), Transfer Oil (Italy), Terraflex (Israel), Salem-Republic Rubber (US), Colex International Limited (UK), Hose Master (United States), Kanaflex (United States), Semperflex (Austria), UNAFLEX Industrial Products (United States), Trelleborg (France), Kurt Manufacturing (US), Suttner America (US), United Flexible (United States), Merlett Tecnoplastic (Italy) and Sun-Flow (US). Future Prospects The global market revenue is expected to reach 1 billion dollars by 2022. The Asia Pacific was dominant in hose manufacturing and expected to lead the market for rubber hose manufacturing and the revenue for this is expected to 392.8 million dollars. This development will be due to the development of infrastructure mostly in developing countries. Other activities such as Fossils exploration, drillings, and production of chemicals will increase the demands for hoses and fittings to transport gases, fluids, chemicals, fuels etc.  Construction development and recovery will increase the demand of new hoses that are flexible and easy to use. The corrosion resistance will be eliminated with steel alloys that will replace the major industrial infrastructure for deployment of hoses. Robust hoses are also required in many industries to withstand high pressure and heat.  The growth of hoses will reach its saturation point by 2023. Asia pacific will lead the demand for hoses and lead the manufacturing of hoses and fittings. The growth of market share will be highest in Asia Pacific and especially in China Following Japan and others such as countries in Middle East and India. We are facing major environmental problem which is the most serious concern for future. Developed countries are adopting more sustainable system and products. The movements to support environmental causes are increasing which can affect the production of hoses and hose manufacturing industries. Hoses industries widely use aluminium and plastic for packaging which is difficult to recycle. The replacing of this material is also possible which use other materials that are more environmental friendly and include high cost. The development of self degradable or biodegradable plastic is also under observation that can remove such barriers. The hose pipes will also include composite material that will increase the market sahre for the hoses in future with growing demands in more protective and durable. The soes pipes will also include multilayer to increase the strength of the hoses. The presentation of hoses and joints will also include different designs, style and color to increase the look of hoses which will involve cosmetic applications. The plastic is easier to manufacture in different shapes and styles can replace metal joints and hoses with same strength. Plastic do not have problems of corrosion and due to its light weight will totally replace iron hoses in building and construction. Automation and other technological advancement will increase the use of hoses for maintenance and material handling and in lubrication lines. The increase of advancement will also increase the demand for hoses and fittings. Impacts of Policies The compliance of environmental regulations is difficult which strongly enforce the legislations against pollution.  The fuel gases from the manufacturing of hose contain high level of toxic gases and pollutants which is the great barrier against the development of hose industries. The regulations can get benefits in automobiles industries which are using exhaust gas recirculation system in vehicles will increase the demand of hoses in automobiles. The testing methods for hoses are also required by the standards to increase the efficiency of the system including energy and heat recovery. Currently there are very limited testing methods to check the efficiency of hoses which include: leak detection, pressure testing, safety valves etc.  However these are also not effective in coolant hose systems which demands new and developed ways for testing. The hoses will also replace some material by silicon and electrochemical resistant tube which will help to increase the system efficiency. Political impacts             The hose manufacturing is affected by political situation in developed countries which aims to improve the environment and promote sustainability Developing countries are facing shortages of industry which can influence the growth market. However some the systems are using renewable onsite energy sources which an increase the cost of hoses in future.