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DheerajSharma Beige Leather Trench Coat
Import To : Mexico
Supplier Country: Australia
Quantity : 4820 Pieces
Order Value: 496757
Expected Price : 103
Pretty Women Leather Pia Coat
Import To : Finland
Supplier Country: France
Quantity : 4482 Pieces
Order Value: 413723
Expected Price : 92
Ladies Leather Coat
Import To : China
Supplier Country: Bangladesh
Quantity : 4078 Pieces
Order Value: 313692
Expected Price : 77
Mens Leather Trench Coat
Import To : Ireland
Supplier Country: United Kingdom
Quantity : 4697 Pieces
Order Value: 296272
Expected Price : 63
Real Leather Coats with SGS Lab Tests
Import To : Spain
Supplier Country: Saudi Arabia
Quantity : 3815 Pieces
Order Value: 264115
Expected Price : 69
Mens Black Leather Coat
Import To : Tanzania
Supplier Country: United States
Quantity : 4767 Pieces
Order Value: 256685
Expected Price : 54
Ladies Leather Trench Coat
Import To : Nepal
Supplier Country: Bangladesh
Quantity : 1080 Pieces
Order Value: 249214
Expected Price : 231
Ladies Leather Coat
Import To : Japan
Supplier Country: Hong Kong
Quantity : 3453 Pieces
Order Value: 239054
Expected Price : 69
Genuine Leather Long Coat For Ladies
Import To : Yemen
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 2223 Pieces
Order Value: 232184
Expected Price : 104
Import To : Albania
Supplier Country: china
Quantity : 3000
Order Value: high quality
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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Water Resistant Leather Gloves Page 02
Water Resistant Leather Gloves Page 02 Supplier Country Pakistan
Price: Ask Buyer
Leather gloves
Leather gloves Supplier Country United Arab Emirates
Company Name Alkhat Almathali Gen.TR.LLC
Price: Ask Buyer
Cut Resistant Leather Gloves
Cut Resistant Leather Gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Price: Ask Buyer
Police leather gloves
Police leather gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name Hangal Sports
Price: Ask Buyer
Motorbike leather Gloves
Motorbike leather Gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name Hangal Sports
Price: Ask Buyer
cow split leather gloves
cow split leather gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name E BROTHER
Price: Ask Buyer
leather gloves
leather gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name Hangal Sports
Price: Ask Buyer
Leather gloves
Leather gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name ZFAN Leather Industry
Price: Ask Buyer
Leather gloves
Leather gloves Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name ZFAN Leather Industry
Price: Ask Buyer
goalkeeper&039s glove leather gloves sports glove
goalkeeper&039s glove leather gloves sports glove Supplier Country China
Company Name Ningbo Deming luminous Technology Co. Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer


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Leather Jackets 62 13 144
Leather Garments 46 16 124
Ladies Leather Jackets 43 7 154
Leather Coats 48 5 135
Leather Welding Glove 44 11 124
Industrial Leather Gloves 36 10 143
Leather Pants 67 10 126
Leather Motorcycle Jacket 47 10 90
Leather Sleeves 61 10 94
Kids Leather Jacket 10 5 120
Often it is said that the field of fashion is rapidly altering. No doubt this factor can be exclaimed to be 100% true, yet there are few things that are never getting out of the style. The culture of leather jackets is a part of fashion for generations, and it is not seeming to be fading away in the future as well. With the emergence of winter season, it is the appropriate time for busting out the timeless leather garments. A number of individuals are looking upon the leather garments merely like the symbol of style and coolness. The fact that has not been realized by them is the warmth of this material. Any person that is ever trying to dress up in an outfit made up of leather in the summer season could be attesting to the warmth of this garment; such types of clothing is keeping the body heated meanwhile also resisting the brisk air. In addition to this, the materials that are available in darker shades are absorbing the rays of the sun that is making the wearer much more toasty warm. It is a well approved fact that the, leather variety in women’s clothing is way more flexible when fashion is taken in consideration. With its neutral color and enduring styles, leather goes well along with anything or everything. Here, “Everything” could be considered as an understatement. The leather coats are a best suited fit over t- shirts, tank tops, along with the sweaters alike. Comprising of a number of different styles for instance the bombers, motos, rocker jackets, there are unlimited combinations of outfits available in the market. Also there is a suggestion that any leather coat or jacket is looking great over other timeless garments, for instance any Little Black Dress. In case there is requirement of the most of style and warmth in parallel, the leather jackets could be the best suggestion provided. Classicism of Leather While choosing leather, one could be resting assured due to the fact that it is a timeless and classic fabric which has been utilized in the designing of clothing since centuries (oh yes, it is indeed such old). The trends of fashion are coming and going; what was “hot” a year ago might be obsolete the next year. Conversely, leather still remains amongst one of world’s much popular clothing fabrics, because it has been used for designing every clothing garment from pants and shirts to leggings and jackets not to forget the accessories for instance the bands, bracelets and belts. Irrespective of any personal style, one cannot be going wrong with any garment of leather fabric that is genuine. This fabric’s classic nature is making it a perfect option for the fashion-forwarded women and men alike. The Market Trends The finished leather market is anticipated to be witnessing a progress of moderation during the period of forecast. The recent innovations and developments in the means of design and usage of several animal skin types can be regarded as prime factors that are enhancing the market growth. On the basis of application, the finished leather products’ market could be sketchily segmented in the categories of: commercial goods, consumer goods and the rest. The sector or segment of consumer goods could be segmented further into wallets, footwear, belts, luggage, accessories and jackets. In the application terms, the segment of consumer goods is holding a share that is significant for the 2016’s market which is predicted to be continuing its place during the period of forecast. In the means of geography, the Asia Pacific is holding significant market share in 2016 which is predicted to be maintaining its position int the duration of the period that is forecasted. The robust manufacturing industry of leather in the Asia Pacific developing economies such as China and India can be regarded as a prime growth reason of market of finished leather across this region. The leather industry of India is contributing to 13 % of the leather production across the world. It is ranked 2nd in the terms of production of leather garments and footwear across the world having credit of 9 % of production of footwear on global level as per the IBEF (“India Brand Equity Foundation”). The Latin America gets credit for a massive share of market of finished leather, with the leather industry of Brazil for producing 1832 mnsqft leather in the year of 2015. Becoming 2nd largest producer of leather after China. The Europe and North America are established markets taking the credits of smaller global shares in the market of finished leather across 2016. China being the undisputed manufacturer of leather with importing the leather products thus becoming biggest market importer globally at the rate of 13.2 % in the year 2012. China is famous for importing shoes of cheap quality with the designer leather goods of high quality. The market size is also variable because of the trends of consumption and population, with the fashion playing a bigger role in mass market. Similarly EU partners, like Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, are facing decline in the leather materials import drastically in the duration of December 2008 to 2012. The massive consumers of leather goods and footwear across the world are Vietnam and China. The nations of EU like Germany particularly, and to some extent Italy and France have been facing depressive climates of economy thus limiting their growth potentials. On the other hand, USA is one of biggest individual market of leather products globally, with the profits and earnings of about $ 651 million in the year of 2012. The Market Suppliers The suppliers of leather garments especially jackets are mainly located across Asia. The topnotch suppliers are coming from countries like “Pakistan, China (Mainland), & India”, which are supplying 65%, 29%, & 3% of the leather jackets correspondingly. These leather garments and jackets are much popular across North America and the Western & Eastern Europe. The Key players that are operating successfully in the market of finished leather are American Leather, Inc., LANXESS & APLF Limited. Future Prospects An appropriate fabric could be making a world of transformation in both ways whether it’s the aspect of comfort or the clothing aesthetics. No matter it is any shirt, jacket, dress, and pants etc., one needs to be paying a closer attention to the fabric of that garment. Few of the much frequently adopted fabrics in the designing of clothing are including wool, cotton, polyester, silk, tweed, and leather. In comparison to these fabrics, leather could be one of the best choices hence making it one of the most demanding fabric presently and in future both. The price trends and composition markets analysis of products have led to the suggestions of future export strategies that need to be in the following limits: The market of Northern American region, especially after execution of the “North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)”, is offering great potential to the upcoming exports. The countries present in the Far Eastern regions, like Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, will be progressing in the capacity of their absorption for leather with offering great potential for the exporters of Pakistan to them. A necessity for the enlargement of the export bas like an industry has been ignoring a number of goods and products that are having great potential on large scales with value added productions. These defined products are including: watch straps, shoe uppers, belts and the apparel accessories, wallets, traveling bags, hand bags and the rest of utilities. Even though the finished leather product’s market share in the leather and leather product’s export is predicted to be declining further with the increasing of its usage of leather products on home base, the total earnings of export could be enhanced by the improvement of the quality and specifications of the finished leather. Impact of technology advancements Due to the effect of global warming the clothing demands might be getting changed as the temperature is rapidly increasing across Asia and Australia yet there are winters to come every year with Europe, America and Russia still retaining their low temperatures. The Impact of Political Changes