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Import To : Malaysia
Supplier Country: Australia
Quantity : 45 Piece
Order Value: 207692
Expected Price : 4615
Import To : Tanzania
Supplier Country: South Africa
Quantity : 43 Piece
Order Value: 132308
Expected Price : 3077
Import To : Bahrain
Supplier Country: Taiwan
Quantity : 50 Piece
Order Value: 76923
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : Mayotte
Supplier Country: Canada
Quantity : 49 Piece
Order Value: 75385
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : Poland
Supplier Country: Pakistan
Quantity : 45 Piece
Order Value: 69231
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : Germany
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 42 Piece
Order Value: 64615
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : China
Supplier Country: Hong Kong
Quantity : 46 Piece
Order Value: 63692
Expected Price : 1385
Import To : Hong Kong
Supplier Country: United States
Quantity : 38 Piece
Order Value: 58462
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : Pakistan
Supplier Country: Vietnam
Quantity : 38 Piece
Order Value: 58462
Expected Price : 1538
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 37 Piece
Order Value: 56923
Expected Price : 1538

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DS-9 Bag Closing Spare Part
DS-9 Bag Closing Spare Part Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name Eastoon Asia Company
Price: Ask Buyer
Newlong Spare Parts
Newlong Spare Parts Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name Eastoon Asia Company
Price: Ask Buyer
Ds-9 Series Spare Parts
Ds-9 Series Spare Parts Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name Eastoon Asia Company
Price: Ask Buyer
DS-9C bag closing Spare Parts
DS-9C bag closing Spare Parts Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name Eastoon Asia Company
Price: Ask Buyer
Handheld ls screw machine CB - 100
Handheld ls screw machine CB - 100 Supplier Country China
Company Name Dongguan Ruibo Automatic Equipment Co LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Automatic screw machine( CB - 5441 )
Automatic screw machine( CB - 5441 ) Supplier Country China
Company Name Dongguan Ruibo Automatic Equipment Co LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
HS4-Rotary Slotter Machine
HS4-Rotary Slotter Machine Supplier Country China
Company Name Cangzhou Yunxiang Carton Machinery Co.,Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
flexible shafts
flexible shafts Supplier Country China
Company Name Yanggu Jingyanggang construction mechinery Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Assembly Flexible Shafts
Assembly Flexible Shafts Supplier Country China
Company Name Yanggu Jingyanggang construction mechinery Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Price: Ask Buyer


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A machine is a tool that is used for shaping and assembling of metal and other materials, solid materials are usually shaped by wounding, boring, crushing, shearing, and other deformation processes. Machine tools are used to cut and crush the materials .All machines work on the same principle they contain a movement part and a part to apply force on, which is usually called workpiece. The movement which occur between workpiece and crushing part is called toolpath, which is controlled by machine at some level rather than completely free for hand force. There isn’t any universal definition of machines as it mainly depends upon the users work, but in simplest way it could be defined as , machine is a tool that makes the work easier for men and saves times, is a machine, it could be simpler to complex form, comes in various forms and shapes. These days mechanical machines (which utilize human force of muscle) are rarely used because of the technological advancement in fact they are powered like electrically, hydraulically, line shaft etc. They are used to deform different parts by cutting them, because the power of hand is limited and require energy and time so; manufacturing is largely done by machinery today. It consists of every type of powered machinery which is used to shape the raw materials to the final product.Human have developed many machine to make their work easier throughout the history. The most basic one was six simple machines which are wheel, lever, inclined plane, axle, pulley, screw, and wedge. Further machines were derived from these basic ones. Precision Machining Those tools are classified as machines tools with higher Precision; they are further classified as high precision, super high precision, and highest precision. After 1980s advanced machine tools comes with precision metrology and control mechanism. These machines comes with several control equipment’s includes laser interferometer, capacitance probe controls, heat control, hydrostatic postures, and highlighted precisions. Those methods were manufactured for industrial processes in cutting aluminium, by utilizing gadgets for scanners, computer memory disks and Photocopying machines. Later in the 1980s in Japan diamond tools cutting with very small (e.g., 22 µm diameter) was developed. Ultra-Precision Nanotechnology Types of machines If we categorize them generally, there are following basic type of   machines: Examples Proposing machine , gasper, Hobbing machine, Drill press, Sharpers, Screw machines, Granulating machine, drilling machine, Shear  metal machine , Lathe, Shaper, Saw Planer, Grating machines. Category industry trends Those following trends are being followed by many industries about machinery designing and manufacturing. There are various innovative ideas to increase productivity. The formation of automatic machines are eliminating the need of human resources .Despite this many companies have realized that true innovation cannot be achieved by implementing isolated automated technologies and machines. As the current market is increasing, these days the need of more production in lesser time is also increasing in simple words we can also say that the machines are replacing the humans from simpler machines like pulleys to automatic robots this technology has crossed many eras of innovation in such a lesser time. The designs of these are guided by following to check their performance: Stories from global market In the world of global market there will be always stories regarding marketing of new innovative products etc. few of them these days are:
  1. Unique 3D Printing technology
Solidworks incorporates unique 3d laser printing technologies at solidworks
  1. Plant in Pocket: Process Monitoring device
With this process monitoring device, tracking OEE will be as much easier as you are checking your smart phone. Top seller countries According to the data of 2014 through a survey conducted by a firm on market research which is Gardner Research, The worldwide market was approximately $81 billion for the tools in the production. In this market the leading country in production was China with $23.8 billion production rate, secondly it was Germany and Japan side by side with $12.9 billion and $12.8 billion with a small margin. South Korea was ranked 5th,  with  revenue $5.6 and $5 billion respectively. Apart from that there were booms in the consumption and demand for machineries and tools first boom was from 2003 to 2008 in those regions Asia and Europe with relatively. Facts on respective suppliers World’s largest manufacturers in the world of machines and tools is a Japan based company called  Jtekt estimating revenue of around 1.6 billion U.S. dollars and secondly Trumpf  company of  Germany’s  , Third China’s Shenyang and Dalian Machine-Tool Group, with Japans Komatsu, Amada,  and Mori Seiki, acquired a majority of  largest groups of companies  in 2015 and will likely bump in next year’s ranking. Future prospects There are more machines in this world than people. Those increasing number of machines includes mechanical, electronic and electrical properties. According to Harbor Research Centre, it is estimated that by 2010, 1.5 billion devices would be linked through Internet globally. The modern technologies these days are working on communication between those devices (data centers, storage systems, security products, retailing machines) directly with one another. The idea of M2M is based on the principle that machines value is increased, when it is networked together and when more machines get connected with each other. Those systems are becoming widely popular with driving demand technology. Along with that another biggest trend is being applied that vendors are going up for  M2M and converting it into wireless technology, by using radio chips along with other modules they have ability to attach any device or machine. In other words M2M is taking up the exponential growth in market. Possible impact of any political changes in manufacturing Economic growth is highly depended on stability of political system. At one condition the unstability in political system may reduce in growth and investment and peace of economic development. Another scenario is that poor performance of economy may lead to government collapse and pressure on political system. Now let’s take an example of china, the biggest manufacturing industry. Chinas political stability Since 1978, Chinese economy is at its phenomenal growth, the reason behind china’s faster growth rate is its political system admits stability. If we look into the above chart the value from 2010 to 2015 has slight difference not considerable. The factors that drive a country to grow faster when its GDP is $500 per capita are totally different when a country has a per capita GDP beyond $5,000. At $500 which was the case in China in 1994 after that along with the stability of government and political system china’s economy also boost and they maintained their growth throughout these years.