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Looking for Buy Translation Service

Kindly reply my company email directly;brightlightlimited1gmail.comWhat would be the delivery time?catalog with Price list.Are you offering free sample of this product or may i know the sample cost

  • Import To:Kenya 1
  • Required Quantity: Ask Buyer
  • Quotes Received: 12
  • Frequency: On Time
  • Purchase History: Moderate
  • Buyer Activity: Active
  • Usage: Ask Buyer
  • Contact Person: bright light
  • Expire Date:18 Sep 2020

Looking for Professional Editing Services

Need Professional Editing Services. Our shipment location is United Kingdom. In search of USD $64 per Cases price for Professional Editing Services. Our preferred sourcing location is China. Quantity to import is 1 Cases initially and the buying frequency will be Quarterly [...]

  • Import To:United Kingdom 1
  • Required Quantity: 1 Cases
  • Quotes Received: 8
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Purchase History: New
  • Buyer Activity: Moderate
  • Usage: Resell
  • Contact Person: Hajiahmad
  • Expire Date:19 Sep 2020


Looking for supplier who can provide ITALIAN MARBLE SERVICE. Import location will be Vietnam. Expecting USD $62 per Cases price for ITALIAN MARBLE SERVICE. Preferred suppliers are from China. Our order quantity is 1 Cases initially and if terms are good, we will order [...]

  • Import To:Vietnam 1
  • Required Quantity: 1 Cases
  • Quotes Received: 25
  • Frequency: Yearly
  • Purchase History: Moderate
  • Buyer Activity: Active
  • Usage: Retail
  • Contact Person: DONGXUAN
  • Expire Date:16 Sep 2020

Looking for Looking for Language Translation Service

Want supplier who can provide Language Translation Service. Import location will be Australia. Expecting USD $63 per Cases price for Language Translation Service. Preferred suppliers are from Russian Federation. If prices are good, We will place order of 1 Cases initially [...]

  • Import To:Australia 1
  • Required Quantity: 1 Cases
  • Quotes Received: 7
  • Frequency: 6 Months
  • Purchase History: Moderate
  • Buyer Activity: Active
  • Usage: Commercial
  • Contact Person: Janice
  • Expire Date:15 Sep 2020

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Gerber To CAD Translations

Supplier Country : China
  • Company Name:Shenzhen Tebo Software Co., Ltd.
Price: Negotiable Tebo CAM


Supplier Country : China
  • Company Name:CCJK Technology Co.,Ltd
Price: $20 FT3272819410

Translation Service

Supplier Country : China
  • Company Name:Brightway
Price: 500 thousand word

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