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Dust Collector
Import To : Nicaragua
Supplier Country: China
Quantity : 55 Pieces
Order Value: 53731
Expected Price : 977
Single Cone Dust Collector
Import To : Senegal
Supplier Country: Egypt
Quantity : 79 Pieces
Order Value: 48615
Expected Price : 615
Open Type Dust Collector
Import To : Saudi Arabia
Supplier Country: China
Quantity : 69 Pieces
Order Value: 31846
Expected Price : 462
Dust Collector For Flour Mill
Import To : Australia
Supplier Country: Australia
Quantity : 130 Pieces
Order Value: 10000
Expected Price : 77
Industrial Dust Collector Pot
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Egypt
Quantity : 104 Pieces
Order Value: 1600
Expected Price : 15
Dust Collector
Import To : Chad
Supplier Country: United Arab Emirates
Quantity : 108 Pieces
Order Value: 415
Expected Price : 4
Pleated Bag Dust Collector
Import To : Uruguay
Supplier Country: United Arab Emirates
Quantity : 147 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Dust Collector
Import To : Ethiopia
Supplier Country: Australia
Quantity : 103 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Dust Collector
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 128 Pieces
Order Value: 0
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Dust Collectors
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: China
Quantity : 58 Pieces
Order Value: 0
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HVAC 36w uv air purifier
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POLLUTION CONTROL DEVICES AND MACHINES: What are exactly pollution control machines or devices? One of the greatest problems that we have in our environment nowadays is Pollution. The world is facing a lot of issues today because of environmental pollution, especially the air and water pollution which is causing severe damage to the natural world and human society. This is where the need of Air and Water pollution control devices rises, as the name implies “These devices are used to control, prevent and to remove different types of pollutants or harmful gases in the atmosphere primarily the air stream released by industry.”
  1. Key Air Pollution Control Devices:
Air pollution control devices are vital component of industrial developments that cannot be neglected at any cost. So, there are different devices for each industry and it can be divided mainly in these two main categories on the basis of its working.
  1. Particulate Control: Those devices that control the amount of particulate matterescaping into the environment.
  2. Gas control: Devices that control acidicgas emissions like sulfuric gases, fumes, odors and vapors.
It removes fine particulate matter from exhaust gases of especially coal-fired power plants, mineral-processing facilities and recaptures valuable product in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries. Mainly these devices do separation by using physical means of separation techniques instead of chemical because of the size of particulate matter. Below are some of the basic ways that particulate matter can be extracted. A cyclone separator is that kind of separation device that operates by incorporating centrifugal and gravitational forces to remove fine particles present in air or gas or in other words it uses principle of Inertia. It contains a chamber containing a vortex in which dirty flue gas enters and due to difference in inertia of gas particles and larger particulate matter, the gas particles remains up while larger particles settle down. An electrostatic precipitator consumes static electricity to remove carbon black and ash from exhaust fumes before they leave the flues. These filters pulled out the unburned particles of carbon from smoke by using static electricity leaving the clean air to evacuate from smokestacks. Unreacted carbon is vital to remove as it’s injurious for human health especially for respiratory health. Fabric filters are one of the simplest methods of Particulate control that can be used to remove dust from flue gases. It uses some sort of fabric as woven cloth to remove particulate matter from a gas stream of industrial or electrical production processes by collecting them on the surface of filter bags. To control pollution of gases more intense chemical methods of separation are usually required separating polluting gases from the flue gas. However, this extraction is also important for our environment as many acidic gases in flue gas contribute to acidic rain. Here are some of the basics ways through which gases can be extracted: This system is used to remove harmful gases from gas stream of industrial production processes before they are released into the environment. They seek to absorb a pollutant gas into a liquid stream and then react with the absorbed gas and chemical compounds with the aim of removing the dissolved gas from solution, which in turn allows further gas to be absorbed. They are proved to be vital for the industries because it helps to prevent the formation of acid rain. Carbon capture and storage traps the carbon dioxide at its emission source, transporting it to a storage location that is usually deep underground, pumping it into geologic layers. Carbon dioxide can also be treated or captured by plantation process and can be prevented by entering into the atmosphere but still this method is being used because of the lacking of plantation in our environment. Incineration process is used to convert Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) discharge into carbon dioxide and water by doing combustion reaction. It usually takes place in equipment known as an “Afterburner”. Afterburner is created for the process of combustion reaction so that it can tackle with enough burn time and high temperatures.
  1. Key Water Pollution Control Devices:
Controlling water pollution has become priority in developed and a number of developing countries as it has become common practice in these industrial countries to release various discharges of hazardous substances that are toxic at low concentrations, carcinogenic, mutagenic etc. In order to reduce it we need some specific methods that are classified as physical unit operation, chemical unit processes, and biological unit. Some of the methods and equipment are mentioned below: In this device consists of both an acid/alkali medicine injection device and a pH meter-based, automatic pH adjustment device with a neutralization tank. Waste water is neutralized and adjusts the pH value to almost neutral level and the process is termed as neutralization. This system is based on the rotary biological contactor method that uses discs made from chemical fibers. It consists of two main components with the same architecture that alternatively "stop" and "go" in supplying wastewater in order to decompose organic materials effectively. The decomposition of organic materials accelerates, while wastewater inflow continues and when inflow stops, food chain spreads to the inside of disc, avoiding surplus sludge from producing.
  1. Market Analysis:
  1. Pollutants in the form of particulates, gases and vapors have been increasing day by day due to growing number of industries.
  2. Increase in demand for power and other basic needs of human life that is also the key factor of increasing industries that is the cause of pollution.
  3. As due to increase in air and water toxins from pharmaceutical and chemical industries, air and water quality control regulations have increased worldwide.
  4. Due to increase in global warming and health issues in our society, the government across the whole world has kept the target of controlling pollution on their priority list.
  5. Increasing government regulations, these industries have to comply with the global emission, which is actually driving the market of pollution control devices.
Hence, with the growing industrial and human needs, the demand for industrial air and water pollution control market is likely to increase during the forecast period. So, we can see a good profit margin business in this line across the world. The increase in government regulations and environmental concerns the supply for industrial pollution control equipment lying under HS code 8421 has been increased from the past few years. Some of the countries have been recorded with increasing revenue per annum that are mentioned below:
  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. China
  4. UK
  5. France
Germany shows the highest exports in 2016 all over the world with the value of $58.54 billion USD and on the second highest is USA with the value of $12 billion. Other countries are all evolving day by day to generate higher revenue. Due to rising construction activities leading to growth of cement industry, increasing coal-based power generation, and anticipated expansion in the oil & gas sector activities in the regions, the need for the air and water pollution machines has been rise. Some of the largest importing countries are mentioned below:
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. China
  4. Canada
  5. France
We can see a market trend in this industry that is development of new and improved Pollution Control Devices and machines. The market is getting very competitive and they gain a competitive advantage, vendors are offerings advance and handy solutions to its market like management through mobiles and other handy equipment. Vendors are also seeking advance solutions for the indoor pollution that is more eye-catching to the customers.
  1. Key Vendors :
At present, this market is highly competitive. The key factors that are responsible for this competition are on the basis of the product offering. Some of the top companies of this field are mentioned below:
  1. Alstom
  2. Babcock & Wilcox
  3. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
  4. GE Water & Process Technologies
  6. In-Situ
  7. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  8. YSI
  9. Adwest Technologies, Inc
  10. Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc
  1. Summary
In recent years, industrial waste and toxic chemicals are increasingly discharged in water, air and soil that are calling for the need of these devices. Out of all, demand is forecast to remain high; the market is too competitive so vendors are gaining attention by offerings smart quality management systems and management mobile applications.