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320 KVA Diesel Generator
Import To : Finland
Supplier Country: United Arab Emirates
Quantity : 144 Pieces
Order Value: 36.3323076923077
Expected Price : 0.25
Large Diesel Generator
Import To : Iraq
Supplier Country: Australia
Quantity : 622 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Diesel Generator
Import To : Sri Lanka
Supplier Country: Bangladesh
Quantity : 527 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
10 KVA Diesel Generator
Import To : Ireland
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 427 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
30 kVA Diesel Generator
Import To : Saudi Arabia
Supplier Country: Canada
Quantity : 391 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
30 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator
Import To : Kenya
Supplier Country: Cameroon
Quantity : 815 Pieces
Order Value: 40.6246153846154
Expected Price : 0.05
Diesel Generator
Import To : Italy
Supplier Country: China
Quantity : 371 Pieces
Order Value: 28.5384615384615
Expected Price : 0.08
Diesel Generators
Import To : Oman
Supplier Country: Egypt
Quantity : 860 Pieces
Order Value: 330769.230769231
Expected Price : 384.62
Diesel Generator
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: Spain
Quantity : 867 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Diesel Generator
Import To : Netherlands
Supplier Country: France
Quantity : 873 Pieces
Order Value: 26.8615384615385
Expected Price : 0.03

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portable solar generator Supplier Country China
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Company Name HUA XIONG
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Portable Solar Power Generator LED Lamp
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solar generator
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Electric generator solar
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Power Generators & Alternators Power Generator The power generator is one of the constituent elements of an autonomous power station, as well as many others. In fact, it is the most important element, without which it is impossible to generate electricity . The electric generator converts the rotational mechanical energy into electrical energy. The principle of its action is based on the so-called phenomenon of self-induction, when an electromotive force (EMF) appears in a conductor (coil) moving in magnetic field lines , which can be called an electrical voltage ( for better understanding of the problem) (although this is not the same thing ).   Electric Generator An electric generator is a combination of a gasoline or diesel engine with a current generator. The power of the electric generators is from 0.5 to 3000 kW. In our catalog are presented both single-phase and three-phase models. Electric generators with gasoline and diesel engines of 3000 rpm are available in both open and closed versions with the option of installing a wheel set. On these models it is possible to install the automatic transfer unit (automatic transfer unit). Also, the installation service of our company is possible to install a remote start system (the ignition switch is located at a distance from the apparatus). Alternator Alternator - in other words an alternator - is an electrical machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator also functions as an electric motor, but only in the inversion mode: alternating current is transferred to the winding contacts when the alternator shaft is forced to rotate. An important parameter of the alternator is the material from which the windings are made - copper or aluminum. Preference is given to copper, as it is able to quickly restore its properties after cooling. Aluminum, when heated, "burns out" and quickly grows old. Sometimes they say that an inverter generator is used. This is not a correct expression. It is more correct to say "generator with inverter output voltage driver". In such installations, the current received from the synchronous or asynchronous generator) is fed to the electronic module (actually the inverter), which converts it into the desired sinusoid with stable parameters, i.e. the inverter generator operates in accordance with this principle: initially the alternator of the inverter generates a voltage with a frequency of 20 hertz, and then converts it to a direct current voltage, and in the third stage, the DC voltage is converted into an alternating current voltage with the required frequency by means of power electronics. Alternator or synchronous alternator is an electrical machine that generates alternating electricity. An alternator is a generator that converts mechanical energy (for example, the rotation of a diesel engine shaft) into electrical energy of an alternating current. Synchronous alternators or alternators can be classified in different ways, depending on the method of their application and / or design. By way of application, alternators are divided into: high-frequency generators - serve for data transmission in the low-frequency range of radio frequencies, car generators - used in cars; generators of diesel locomotives with electric traction - used in diesel-electric locomotives; ship generators; and brushless generators - are used in power plants as a source of electricity generation. The AC generators are divided in two main types: alternating current alternator and glossy cylindrical alternator.   Future Prospects The advantages of an inverter generator are that it does not require a constant rotor speed of the alternator's rotor to produce electricity. This allows you to repeatedly reduce the noise produced by the device, as well as significantly more optimal use of fuel. In addition, the inverter generates a voltage of a higher quality than a conventional generator. And one more feature of the alternator is brush or brushless. The brushless alternator does not have moving parts-brushes, is less exposed to breakages and does not require a high degree of maintenance. And now a little more about the properties and advantages of alternators from the world's leading manufacturers. No matter how the generator was built, its operation is based on the process of electromagnetic induction - the appearance of an electric current in a closed loop under the influence of a changed magnetic flux. The generator is conventionally divided into 2 parts: the inductor and the armature. The part of the device where a magnetic field is created is called an inductor, and the armature is the half where the electromotive force or current is formed.   Market trends The product is developed in many nations around the globe in similar time period. This has opened the industry for many non-serious market players too. currenlt, market is stable and lesser global impacts could have been observed in form of shocks and possible appeals. The Cyprus and Malta were characterized by monopoly in generation of industry of generators for the period from 2005 with most of the electricity was generated by a sole type of generator. There are five other member states of EU, that are imperative to be discussed in order to analyse the market trend. These countries are Croatia, France, Estonia, Greece and Slovakias which have reported 70% size in the industry for the afore-mentioned period. For Poland, there had been ascertained that there were half of the market captured by the country. For the period asfter 2005, a developmental analysis has been undertaken that revealed that there are 24 member states from EU for which data are available, the most of the countries, 16, seen a decline in the share of market of leading generator of electricity. There had been rapid developments in the regiosn of Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania and Greece in which a quarter share had been observed as less accommodating. Moreover, there had been three other member countries where there had been no modification in terms of market share as being the largest generator in Malta, Denmark and Cyprus, whereas five other nations which have the share has increased for the period between 2005 and 2013 in Finland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and UK. In germany, it was about 30% and 25% in Finland. Hungary has arisen from 38.7% to the ratio of 53.1% in the region of UK. Major Players The notable companies belong to US; AMETEK, Franklin Electric, Regal Beloit and Baldor Electric. Other companies are Emerson Electric, GE, Nidec, Panasonic and Siemens. The countries which lead in terms of productions are US, China, Japan, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Thailand and Germany. Impact of Possible Technology Advancement The industry is based on technological advancement and therefore a positive shift in terms of technological advancement can call a direct shift for the market. There are technological advancement in the form of wintershell and rotating electrical machines which have put a direct impact on the growth of the industry. The rotating type of electrical machines are applied in various terms and are supplied in operating conditions which are deemed as feasible and these machines are supposed to be operated as early as possible. Reliance on its application, but the machine might stay stored for a period of weeks, years or months until it gets installed and starts its operation. This might cause a modification in mechanical and electrical properties. Impact of Possible Political Change A political change can be associated directly with the level of production as these two variables are positively related to each other. The change in political stances can directly put an impactseveral situations. These are the situations in which the users of generators and machines want to store it or trade it. A growing industrial need to keep sparing machines within stock is avoidance of longer shutdowns for the purpose of maintenance and for the maintenance of the process of manufacturing in operation. Secondly, there would be construction of new generation plants or industrial plants which require to keep the storage of machines until the operations are initiated. There can be longer shutdowns in the system. All of these elements can be influenced by political change as per the nature of the product under discussion. Impact of Possible Change in Trade Policies These products are imported by less-developed or developing countries of the world. A fvaourable change in terms of policies will call a positive impact on the development of the economy too and eventually the market will survive. The trade policies are meant to be structured after taking into account many other factors whichcan influence the creation of trade policies; such as moisture, ambient temperature, corrosive agents, contamination, vibration and salt spray. These all aspects need maintenance policies and thus a pragmatic policy of trade can save the work and product effectively from getting spoiled. It has been learnt that the major effects which were caused by storage longer periods are machined parts corrosion, reduction in resistance insulation and bearings damage. This is imperative that the users must be aware about the preventive types of maintenance in storage as important as maintenance in machines operation. There are several measures and procedures which must become part of that plan of maintenance for the purpose of machines storge.