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SS Shower Panel
Import To : Senegal
Supplier Country: Kenya
Quantity : 1348 Pieces
Order Value: 497723
Expected Price : 369
Shower Panel
Import To : Chad
Supplier Country: Saudi Arabia
Quantity : 1280 Pieces
Order Value: 492308
Expected Price : 385
Bathroom Glass Shower Panel
Import To : Pakistan
Supplier Country: Taiwan
Quantity : 1330 Pieces
Order Value: 306923
Expected Price : 231
Glass Shower Panel Home Designing Service
Import To : United Kingdom
Supplier Country: United Kingdom
Quantity : 770 Pieces
Order Value: 296154
Expected Price : 385
DORMA or OZONE Glass shower panel
Import To : Italy
Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 599 Pieces
Order Value: 221169
Expected Price : 369
Shower Panels
Import To : Nicaragua
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 551 Pieces
Order Value: 190731
Expected Price : 346
Glass Shower Panel
Import To : Jordan
Supplier Country: New Zealand
Quantity : 2149 Pieces
Order Value: 26449
Expected Price : 12
Tempered Glass Shower Panel
Import To : Mexico
Supplier Country: Saudi Arabia
Quantity : 2385 Pieces
Order Value: 25685
Expected Price : 11
Painted Glass Shower Panel
Import To : Nepal
Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 1940 Pieces
Order Value: 20892
Expected Price : 11
Glass Shower Panels
Import To : Norway
Supplier Country: Netherlands
Quantity : 1262 Pieces
Order Value: 14562
Expected Price : 12

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One Person Diamond Frameless Shower Room with Base Tray 3063
One Person Diamond Frameless Shower Room with Base Tray 3063 Supplier Country China
Company Name Hangzhou TITA Group Co.,LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
wall mounted shower mixer
wall mounted shower mixer Supplier Country China
Company Name Ruian Homtek Sanitary Wares
Price: Ask Buyer
small size 304 Stainless steel wall mount shower hinge measures 75x45mm
small size 304 Stainless steel wall mount shower hinge measures 75x45mm Supplier Country China
Company Name Bernice hardware products Factory
Price: Ask Buyer
Wall Mounted Shower
Wall Mounted Shower Supplier Country China
Price: Ask Buyer
JAAZ Tile Jets
JAAZ Tile Jets Supplier Country India
Company Name JAAZ - Shower Panels
Price: Ask Buyer
single lever wallmounted showerbath mixer
single lever wallmounted showerbath mixer Supplier Country China
Company Name Foshan Empolo Building materials
Price: Ask Buyer
Burberry Wallmounted shower
Burberry Wallmounted shower Supplier Country China
Company Name SANITAC LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
Burberry Wallmounted shower 40101
Burberry Wallmounted shower 40101 Supplier Country China
Company Name SANITAC LTD
Price: Ask Buyer
WallMounted Shower Mixer
WallMounted Shower Mixer Supplier Country China
Company Name OMJ Sanitary Wares
Price: Ask Buyer
wallmounted shower mixer
wallmounted shower mixer Supplier Country China
Company Name Kaiping jianfa sanitary ware industry co., ltd
Price: Ask Buyer


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Bathroom Shower 68 34 166
Overhead Shower 14 8 145
Rain Shower 25 17 151
Shower Panel 67 14 161
Hand Shower 78 39 109
Shower Cubicle 26 21 133
Shower Enclosures 52 14 155
Shower Accessories 8 4 7
Shower Room 92 65 134
Glass Shower Enclosure 12 5 134
Showers Panels & Accessories Industry Introduction and Overview: Bathroom products which are used for shower purpose, include heads and systems, are measured as the target product. Shower heads are existing in different installation types, finishes, materials, and designs. The shower structure comprise of panel shower systems and non-panel systems. The universal shower heads and systems market has a huge potential to grow in the upcoming decade. This market possesses strong competition as massive brands are competing to gain market share. In 2017 the shower equipment market has shown more submissive expansion compared to earlier years. The Shower market was reasonably volatile, in line with the doubtful economic circumstances at this time. However, from 2012 to 2016 the market for showering products saw symbols of stabilization with constant levels of growth as demand picking up. Demand for shower products has been completely prejudiced by the increasing consumer liking towards using a shower instead of a bath. In addition, about two thirds of shower installations are installing over a bath. In addition, a large number of households with over-bath ability also have a secondary split shower facility such as an ensuite or wetroom region. In terms of product mix, shower control account for the greatest amount of the shower apparatus market with the largest share by value in 2017. Enclosures, screens and trays account for somewhat fewer than the shower controls market with a reasonably smaller share. With the growing shower market and high altitude of shower usage, substitute products such as shower accessories have grown in market share. Shower products for the domestic and commercial sectors are dispersed all the way through a wide range of channel. The main sharing channel continues to be builders' and plumbers' merchants with the home development multiples also share a considerable share. Other retail channels include bathroom specialist, grocery multiples, mail order retailers and department stores. Online retailers are becoming considerably more important as consumers increasingly use the internet to source the best deals. Manufacturers are also selling spare parts and accessories direct to the consumer online, via transactional websites. Product details There are two main categories of shower: electric and mixer showers. The major difference between the types is that electric showers heat the water in the unit so require only a cold water feed, whilst mixer showers mix inputs from both hot and cold water feeds. Shower accessories This briefing note is not concerned with shower accessories that do not directly influence the consumption of the shower, e.g. type of shower valve, shower arms, riser rails, shower trays, enclosures etc. Shower body jets/multi directional showers/shower towers are additional water outlets which spray water in addition to the shower head. These showers direct water in almost all directions and so their use is limited to bathrooms large enough to allow the purpose built shower enclosures required. They are thus are not suitable for placement in/over a bath. It is inadvisable to refer to specific shower types as water efficient or not efficient due to the number of variables affecting how much water is used, and the context in which a shower is to be used. For example, a shower providing less than 6 litres per minute may be acceptable and more efficient than a 10 litre per minute model for a quick shower in an office building, but in a house where demand and expectations are greater, 8 litres per minute may be an efficient minimum. It is vital that the term water efficient does not become synonymous with poor performance. The Niche players in the market: Markets Global Shower Panel Sales Market: Key Drivers: The market of Showers panels is largely affected by bans imposed on the use of Shower Panel of some major countries such as New York and California in Global, New South Wales in Australia, Netherlands, Dubai, etc. Although, the increasing demand in other parts of World such as Asia and South America is now supporting the Global market for Shower Panel Sales. The predictable changes in the government policy related to operation of Shower Panel Sales in many countries coupled with growing investments on product differentiation, the Global Shower Panel Sales market enjoy bullish long term outlook. Shower lifespan Estimate of renewal rate The lifespan of a shower is 15 years. As with other products this will vary from household to household. Bathroom style trends may affect replacement rates. Plumbing and water supply systems are likely to influence the consumers decision regarding replacing an electric shower with a mixer shower or vice versa. Also, shower components may be replaced more frequently due to damage and wear or tear (e.g. tarnished hose/shower head, broken thermostat, and broken electric dial). Components may be replaced like for like, unless the whole bathroom suite is to be replaced. Shower stock in households Shower accessories sales Another useful measure to understand the current market is sales data. This shows what products are currently most popular. This is an important factor which aims to encourage uptake of the most sustainable products to transform the overall market and thus water (and energy) consumption. It is suggested that adding an additional bathroom and/or installing higher specification bathroom products can add value to a property. The trend towards high-quality products is likely to stimulate the market, with an increasing proportion of consumers trading up to higher specification products. Transforming the market: Impact of globalised markets As with other products increased awareness of the different product styles that are available globally influences consumer preferences and demand. Globalised markets and global scale manufacturers directly influences the product ranges that are made available in different parts of the world. Factors that influence consumer use and uptake of showers Uptake of any product is dependent on several factors including cost, user acceptability and product performance. Detailed information on product performance testing and consumer performance criteria are presented in. However, there are specific factors that have a significant impact on total shower stocks and the type of products that dominate sales, as described for new/refurbished households and existing households below. Existing housing While shower ownership is growing, there is still scope for further growth and there is growth in multiple shower ownership. The extensive exposure of shower products through DIY television programmed, lifestyle magazines etc, has increased consumer awareness of the styles available in addition to overall design co-ordination. Product development and the increasing range of styles and technical features are likely to encourage a higher level of replacement and more frequent replacement. Product pricing A key element that must be considered in the context of market transformation is product pricing. If a product has a price premium associated with it then this is likely to negatively impact on uptake. It is also important to recognize that whilst there may be no or very little actual price premiums, the perception of price premiums may be sufficiently strong to Influence procurement decisions. There is a large range in the price of showers available on the market. Research has shown that price is affected by many variables, especially style and materials, and ease of installation, rather than shower flow rate (water efficiency). Bulk purchasing can also drive down costs. This briefing note deliberately does not specify prices because it will never be able to accurately reflect the true range in the price of fittings at any one time. User acceptability and product performance Currently there is no single definition of shower performance and there is no standard way of measuring it. The overall performance of a shower is the amalgam of several different parameters, which in turn are influenced by the type of hot and cold water supply serving the property There are currently no recognized test methods for „user performance criteria. However, a study sponsored by United Utilities (UU) and undertaken by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in 2007 investigated showers in terms of both key physical performance criteria and customer satisfaction. The report states that WRc is using the results from the study, on behalf of the Market Transformation Programme, to develop performance standard tests for “spray pattern”, “spray force” and “soap removal” in order to more specifically define water efficient showers”.