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Import To : Nicaragua
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 2593 Pieces
Order Value: 4987
Expected Price : 2
Import To : Australia
Supplier Country: Thailand
Quantity : 813 Pieces
Order Value: 2939
Expected Price : 4
Import To : South Korea
Supplier Country: Malaysia
Quantity : 1575 Pieces
Order Value: 1696
Expected Price : 1
Import To : Chad
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 365 Pieces
Order Value: 1067
Expected Price : 3
Import To : United Arab Emirates
Supplier Country: Thailand
Quantity : 588 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Chad
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 1962 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Ghana
Supplier Country: United Kingdom
Quantity : 2122 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Lebanon
Supplier Country: New Zealand
Quantity : 2139 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : North Korea
Supplier Country: Thailand
Quantity : 1086 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer
Import To : Philippines
Supplier Country: Taiwan
Quantity : 2600 Pieces
Order Value: 0
Expected Price : Ask Buyer

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baseball caps,cotton twill fabric
baseball caps,cotton twill fabric Supplier Country China
Company Name Hebei Tuory Import&Export Trade Co.,ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
men belt
men belt Supplier Country China
Company Name Yiwu Licong Leather Company
Price: Ask Buyer
men&039s belt
men&039s belt Supplier Country China
Company Name Yiwu Licong Leather Company
Price: Ask Buyer
swim ear band
swim ear band Supplier Country China
Price: Ask Buyer
Neoprene ear band
Neoprene ear band Supplier Country China
Price: Ask Buyer
Hoodies Supplier Country Bangladesh
Company Name FAB Concepts and Design
Price: Ask Buyer
Fleece Hoodies | Hoodie &amp Sweatshirt
Fleece Hoodies | Hoodie &amp Sweatshirt Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name Mode Impex
Price: Ask Buyer
Finger Bands
Finger Bands Supplier Country China
Company Name Dongguan Houjie Chuangamir Sport Product Factory
Price: Ask Buyer
Motorcycle garments
Motorcycle garments Supplier Country Pakistan
Company Name Nan &amp F Enterprises
Price: Ask Buyer
Knitted Men Garments Kids Garments Ladies Garments
Knitted Men Garments Kids Garments Ladies Garments Supplier Country Bangladesh
Company Name THC Global Consultant
Price: Ask Buyer


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Keyword Total Products Total Suppliers Total Buyers Top Seller Countries Top Buyer Countries
Tracksuits 61 17 165
Kids Tracksuit 34 3 161
Merino Socks 34 0 20
Sports Socks 19 15 199
Adidas Socks 6 3 46
Sports Jersey 19 10 134
Soccer Jersey 78 31 122
Polo Shirts 62 48 141
Rubber Clothing 5 5 16
Sports T Shirts 4 0 116
SPORTS WEAR & ACCESSORIES Clothes, shoes and accessories come under the umbrella of sportswear. These are the items that are used in different kind of sports like cricket, hockey, baseball, soccer, swimming, golf, polo etc. Dr Martin Polley, a historian of sports said sports clothing has changed measurably from the past century. The clothes and accessories that were worn or used in the 20th century were not much comfortable and effective in terms of comfort and safety. New technology and materials have provided the sports personnel more comforfortable and more safe. It is more aero or aqua dynamic, its weight is not much, it is more breathable and the sports in which there is high risk. Like claiming or motor sports or swimming these clothes are the key. From the past few decades this industry has made remarkable place in market keeping the people intact to buy sportswear and accessories as a need for sports or as a need of fashion. Many people wear these items for fashion use only considering their favorite sports personnel. Guys feel cool wearing baseball cap featuring their favorite team, following with all other accessories. The rush forward of these products made the people to work and manufacture in this industry with eye catching designs and making sportswear more fashionable. Looking at different sports there are different types of wearable items and safety items. The sportswear and accessories can be categorized with respect to sports, i.e CRICKET WEARS AND ACCESSORIES In all sports some international rules and regulations are followed that are governed by the international bodies. In cricket there are many things that come under wears like; T-shirts, trousers, upper or sweaters, cap, shoes and protective gears or accessories may include gloves, thigh pads, leg pads, arm pads, chest pads, helmets and the guard. SOCCER ACCESSORIES Soccer is one of the best sport games played in world. The wears and accessories which are used in this industry are T-shirts, shorts, gloves for keeper shoes socks etc. SPORTS SHIRTS T shirt making is an automated process which is done by the specially designed machines integrated for printed cutting designing and stitching for most effective and efficient process.these are made by placing two different pieces of fabric on eachother and lining up the edges. Sales trends of sport shirts The global market of sports tshirt is projected to witness significant growth with fashionable apparels particularly the printed designs. The printing technology has made a hude change in the growth development of this industry. Screen printing technique is predicted to maintain its dominating place till 2013. Digital printing technique is also predicted to benefit fasion trends demanding shorter production cycles with high quality prints. People are not much aware about this technology but it is projected that in the next half decade digital printing will also give the boost to the growth in the sports tshirts market Sport shoes Over the last few seasons, the number of cricket shoes available has increased drastically With so many options, it can be hard to select which shoe will suit your needs best. Sport shoes are of two types Spikes The variety of shoes in spikes is very vast with different designs for different cricketers. Shoes are one of the most important items when it comes to sport and especially for professional players. Like if any medium pacer bowls with more than 10 steps its better for him/her to go for a hard wearing shoe which will handle the pace. While some will go for full spike shoes with a strong upper, while a wicket keeper will go for light weight shoes. Rubber There are many options available in the rubber sole. Gray-Nicholls and Kookaburra offer some great rubber sole shoes which are ideal for most cricketers as well as soccer players. Brands like Adidas, New Balance and Asics these all offers some incredible technology which is not just reserved for the spike shoes. SALE TRENDS FOR SPORT SHOES In 2015 the market of sport shoes valued at around USD 80 billion. This market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 2%, from 2016 to 2024. As the participation in sports & fitness activities has increased global population is the factor that is increasing the no of demand. In both exercise and sports the growth in the market of shoes for both men and women has increased as most people are now going towards health and safety precautions and the other industry is of professional athletics that are playing cricket soccer golf baseball cycling and etc. The market of Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe is the major user of this product. Europe is expected to hold the largest market share, in 2015, followed by Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific region is projected to grow at the highest CAGR of approximately 8%, from 2016 to 2024. The men’s footwear growth is predicted to go for the largest market share and projected to grow at a high CAGR over the forecast period. Key players of market Nike, Adidas, and Asics are some of the leading sportswear manufacturers across the world. Nike and Adidas have a strong monopoly because of their strong distribution channels and the number of outlets. Asics and Puma are common in the European region. Nike and Adidas generate 45% and 35% revenue respectively in the foot wear market. BOXING GLOVES Boxing gloves are also known as cushioned gloves that are worn by the fighters. These gloves are designed to protect the hands of the fighter. These gloves reduces chances of injuries. There are few types of gloves that are used persistently To protect the athlete's hands against strikes Protect both athletes during practice bouts Less padded than other glove types Key manufacturers in market Regions of gloves which possess growth of millions Importing trends of boxing gloves The Growth of Sales in Sportswear According to researchers of report Global Industry Analysts, Inc., by 2024 the market for Sports and Fitness Clothing is projected to reach US$231.7 billion. Stronger participation in sports and fitness activities of the population is growing the market portion. The research also indicates that technical developments made to improve comfort, safety and performance has also led to the growth in sales of sportswear As a result, sportswear is turning into a highly popular style statement and fashion trend. The report predicts that the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be fastest growing, with a CAGR of 6.9% over the forecast period. Revenue in mid of 2017 $641,231, 113% higher than revenue of $300,773 in 2016. Types of sportswear Key players of sportswear market includes GLOBAL MARKET REGIONS MARKET OF CHINA IS MAKING ACCEPTIONAL GROWTH AND ITS INCRESING WITH TIME GOVT. OF CHINA IS INVESTING IN SPORTSWEAR By 2020 China’s government has affirm to have more than 70,000 football field ready across the country to increase from 2013. Chinese president Xi Jinping has plans to increase the country’s “sport economy” to $850 billion by 2025, which will make china the world’s biggest sportswear country. To decrease health problems such as obesity and diabetes, it has also urged citizens to be more physically active. The country is launching a national fitness plan through 2020 that will increase investment in sport. Nike and Adidas lead share of China's sportswear market According to another survey Global sportswear market is projected to gain 184.6billion$ by 2020 by a CAGR of 4.3%. The participation of women in sports and fitness activities has increased the market. in 2014 North America was the largest revenue-generating region. However, in2020 Asia-Pacific is projected to be in the leading leading position.

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General Safety Equipment


There are different types of helmet for different purposes. Helmets are worn in American football to protect their heads during collisions with other players. Cyclists and rock-climbers wear helmets to guard their heads in case of a drop, whereas canoeists wear them in case they turn over and bang their heads on rocks under the water. part-time boxers and other martial artists where head guards to reduce damage to the brain.


It is an important tool who doesn’t do much exercise. This needs to be fit well in order to perform well in any kind of sports a foot wear should be selected on the basis of comfort not because of looks so this point should be kept in mind.

Protective padding

In different form of games these plays a very important role in safety of players .

General equipment

Equipments such as rackets, hockey sticks and cricket bats need to be carefully maintained. Sports wear and accessories are a very fast growing field in the market . many new manufacturers are getting in market and this is the most important thing which servyors noticed and all the forecasting is done .