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Import To : Oman
Supplier Country: Egypt
Quantity : 3618 KGs
Order Value: 133588
Expected Price : 37
Import To : Jordan
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 4728 KGs
Order Value: 109108
Expected Price : 23
Import To : New Zealand
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 4075 KGs
Order Value: 87769
Expected Price : 22
Import To : Tanzania
Supplier Country: Kenya
Quantity : 4933 KGs
Order Value: 79687
Expected Price : 16
Import To : Czech Republic
Supplier Country: Sri Lanka
Quantity : 3177 KGs
Order Value: 73315
Expected Price : 23
Import To : Jordan
Supplier Country: Pakistan
Quantity : 4906 KGs
Order Value: 65665
Expected Price : 13
Import To : Yemen
Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 4231 KGs
Order Value: 58583
Expected Price : 14
Import To : Libya
Supplier Country: Saudi Arabia
Quantity : 4717 KGs
Order Value: 58055
Expected Price : 12
Import To : Argentina
Supplier Country: Turkey
Quantity : 4500 KGs
Order Value: 51923
Expected Price : 12
Import To : Sri Lanka
Supplier Country: Spain
Quantity : 4041 KGs
Order Value: 40783
Expected Price : 10

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COFFEE BEANS Supplier Country Indonesia
Price: Ask Buyer
Grade A Arabica Green Coffee Beans
Grade A Arabica Green Coffee Beans Supplier Country Hong Kong
Company Name MIT
Price: Ask Buyer
Arabica and Robusta beans
Arabica and Robusta beans Supplier Country Vietnam
Company Name PNIEXPO
Price: 1,8-7$
coffee Supplier Country Saudi Arabia
Company Name Healthy diet
Price: Ask Buyer
Neem Tea
Neem Tea Supplier Country India
Company Name Grenera Nutirents Pvt Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face
Neem Tea Tree Pulpy Face Supplier Country India
Company Name Pure Botanicals
Price: Ask Buyer
Organic chokeberry tea 50g
Organic chokeberry tea 50g Supplier Country France
Price: Ask Buyer
Travel  Silicone Collapsible  Coffee Cup Foldable  Coffee Cup manufacture
Travel Silicone Collapsible Coffee Cup Foldable Coffee Cup manufacture Supplier Country China
Company Name Huiyang Kangde Silicone Rubber Ware Co., Ltd
Price: 1
BX702 Zhejiang High quality Borosolicate glass French press, Coffee & Tea maker, stainless steel coffee plunger Manufacture
BX702 Zhejiang High quality Borosolicate glass French press, Coffee & Tea maker, stainless steel coffee plunger Manufacture Supplier Country China
Company Name Zhejiang Seecin Housewares CORP
Price: 1
B650 China High quality Borosolicate glass French press, Coffee & Tea press, stainless steel coffee plunger Manufacturer
B650 China High quality Borosolicate glass French press, Coffee & Tea press, stainless steel coffee plunger Manufacturer Supplier Country China
Company Name Zhejiang Seecin Housewares CORP
Price: 1


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Tea 67 43 8
Green Tea 81 30 116
Green Herbal Tea 32 14 110
Green Tea Leaves 43 13 107
Organic Green Tea 62 12 107
Green Tea Bags 43 15 112
Natural Green Tea 54 8 100
Tulsi Green Tea 28 10 104
Lemon Green Tea 48 8 92
Ginger Green Tea 38 9 95

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Tea and coffee Tea and Coffee are classified under the category of hot beverages, which are being consumed by the people across the globe. It is a consumer product and the market players with their brands are competing in the market for their shares hence taking different positioning. What has made to increase the trend and usage of tea and coffee are the health benefits that they provide, because they contain anti-oxidants and other chemicals which are suitable for human body. Now a day’s tea and coffee have become an integral part of skin treatment and diet plans suggested by nutritionists. There has been a lot of expenditure done by the industry players in order to keep the industry growing and increasing the number of users. Different flavors and fragrances have been infused with tea and coffee so that everyone can be attracted towards it. Sometimes it is region specific too, as the population likes to consume certain kind of tea which is a tradition that has been carried from generations. As the market is mature, so the market players have to be keen to find the avenues of innovation so that they not only sustain themselves in the market but grow also. Industry Growth Prospects: There are certain growth prospects for the tea and coffee industry that will provide a boost to overall market and market players. The producers of blends have to be vigilant about what is the current trend and where is it going in the future. The Emerging Asia: The emerging economies of Asia tend to the battle zone for the tea and coffee producers as most of the world’s population resides in this region and are consumers of hot beverages. Countries like China, India and Sri Lanka produce tea in large amounts and cumulatively contribute to most of the worlds exports. While the largest producer and seller is Kenya. The rising income levels and the number of millennial consumers is a sign of bright industry future. In some countries of this region the preference towards tea is visible and it has no link with the economic situation, it is more of a ritual or tradition that most of the population consumes tea at least on time in a day. Coffee for Developed Nations: The developed countries that are located in Europe and American continent are more inclined towards consumption of coffee so the traders and manufacturers of coffee beverages should target these regions to get their market share as the scope of the product is quite attractive. Although there are established suppliers and buyers in this region but b2b portals like Export Hub helps their clients to get buyers from the markets which are considered to be mature for a product and can facilitate to generate revenues from there. Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee: As there have been innovations made in almost every industry and the consumers tastes evolve with the time, so is the case with industry of our interest. The consumers are shifting towards ready to drink tea and coffee with a faster pace, which is a result of busy lives that we all live. It is a growth opportunity that different players can capitalize upon by providing suitable blends for the younger generation. In a business to business perspective ready to drink (RTD) tea and coffee is a great opportunity as there are many beverage manufacturers that provide OEM service to different brands, they can add a new product line to their business and sell to different brands who can sell to the consumers. Industry Challenges: Despite of the growth prospects tea and coffee industry is facing certain challenges also, which play a negative role for the industry as a whole and the business operating in this industry can suffer from adverse consequences. Middle Eastern War: The tension in the Middle Eastern region has affected different industries and one of which is tea and coffee industry also. The economic conditions of the war torn countries have gone worst so the market is less attractive for the exporters to target as the payments are also not secure. The transfer of funds from this region is also thoroughly scrutinized by the authorities in different countries, so the exporters of tea and coffee are reluctant to continue working with the clients of this region. Cannibalization: Actually tea and coffee are themselves competition to each other as coffee is on the rising trend in many countries and it has been noticed that with the betterment in the economy the consumers shift towards coffee from tea. So, of one constituent of the industry grows the other is undermined and that is why the competition between the traders and manufacturers of tea and coffee is getting fierce as they both try to get growth from the market. Countries Importing Tea: The top five countries that are importing tea and provide an opportunity to businesses to target these regions and work to get clients over there so that they can also get their share from the market, are as follows: Countries Importing Coffee: The top five countries that are importing coffee are listed below. It is evident from the countries that are importing Tea and Coffee that both of them have different markets and they need to be targeted differently. Exporting Countries: Tea and coffee are farming products and they grow in certain conditions, so the exporting industry is not fragmented as few of the countries constitute to the most of the export trade. For tea the countries that grow in and export in large quantities are: Most of the tea is exported from Asian countries because if we make a ranking of top 15 exporters of tea, there will eight countries belonging to Asia including UAE, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. The tea traders in other regions can import from these countries from genuine suppliers. Bb Portal like Export Hub can help you to find genuine suppliers also so it can facilitate both, buyer and suppliers in their businesses. Similar to tea the growing of coffee is also concentrated in selective regions of the world and they enjoy the privilege that they have got from the nature in terms of the environment that suits for coffee farming. The top coffee exporting countries are: Among all others exporting countries Brazil is said to be the largest exporter of coffee as the Brazilian coffee has a flavor that is praised all over the world and different big brands buy their coffee beans from brazil and use the tactics of place of origin marketing, as consumers value the taste that Brazilian coffee possesses. So the businesses that need to import coffee can import from these countries and distribute locally or they can further export after processing and making special kind of flavor or blend that is required by the customers. Export Hub facilitates in finding purchasers for the coffee also, who can buy the stock and provide revenue to its clients. Industry Future: The global industry for Tea and coffee are expected to rise with a CAGR of 6.4% annually in the coming years, which is a healthy growth rate as the sector is already maturity stage and the markets are established to an extent. Considering tea and coffee separately, coffee industry has more potential as the trend in the emerging economies is going towards coffee with the rising income levels and the branding efforts by the coffee brands the tilt of the millennial population is towards coffee; tea will be a relatively slower sector as compared to coffee. As a business, the regions that need to be targeted are the emerging Asian countries, mainly in Asia Pacific region, Emerging Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Industry experts predict that these regions are the better places to target as they will be showing higher growth rates in the coming years for tea and coffee industry. The trend of RTDs is rising with a higher pace and variants are revamping the concept of tea and coffee in the minds of customers, the manufacturers are changing their production processes accordingly. So, the different value chain participants in different markets like importers and distributors are expected to continue their business with a greater pace as no radical market change is expected that will eliminate the intermediaries. There will be more competition among the countries to capture more market for tea and coffee, as Kenya is thriving to become the tea exporter again while Brazil will continue to dominate the coffee market. Businesses can benefit from b2b portals like Export Hub which facilitates in developing business in their regions of interest. The core benefit that Export Hub provides is the dedicated account management service which helps to develop long term business relations with clients.