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Import To : Thailand
Supplier Country: Egypt
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 476923
Expected Price : 954
Import To : Philippines
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 415385
Expected Price : 831
Import To : Nepal
Supplier Country: Pakistan
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 338462
Expected Price : 677
Import To : Tunisia
Supplier Country: Spain
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 18462
Expected Price : 37
Import To : Portugal
Supplier Country: Indonesia
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 6923
Expected Price : 14
Import To : Iran
Supplier Country: Brazil
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 6154
Expected Price : 12
Import To : Nicaragua
Supplier Country: Canada
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 6154
Expected Price : 12
Import To : Singapore
Supplier Country: United Arab Emirates
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 3846
Expected Price : 8
Import To : Bahrain
Supplier Country: India
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 2308
Expected Price : 5
Import To : Sweden
Supplier Country: Italy
Quantity : 500 Square Feet
Order Value: 2308
Expected Price : 5

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Copper Wire Mesh
Copper Wire Mesh Supplier Country China
Company Name Anping Jiechang Wire Mesh Product Co.,Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier Country China
Company Name Anping Jiechang Wire Mesh Product Co.,Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Gabion Supplier Country China
Company Name Anping Jiechang Wire Mesh Product Co.,Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Dual frequency Linear vibrating screen for mining ore
Dual frequency Linear vibrating screen for mining ore Supplier Country China
Company Name Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Price: Ask Buyer
High amplitude vibration screen, circular vibrating screen for quarry
High amplitude vibration screen, circular vibrating screen for quarry Supplier Country China
Company Name Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Price: Ask Buyer
PVC coatedd Welded mesh
PVC coatedd Welded mesh Supplier Country China
Company Name Anping chongguan wire mesh products Co., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
Cable trays
Cable trays Supplier Country Vietnam
Price: Ask Buyer
pvc mesh
pvc mesh Supplier Country China
Company Name Shanghai Xinan CO., Ltd
Price: Ask Buyer
PVC Multi Mesh Tarp
PVC Multi Mesh Tarp Supplier Country China
Company Name Tiantai Yinfan Car Decoration Factory
Price: Ask Buyer
51m PVC Mesh
51m PVC Mesh Supplier Country China
Company Name Nuclear Coating Fabric
Price: Ask Buyer


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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 103 25 113
Perforated Sheets 33 22 115
Wedge Wire Screens 9 0 64
Vibrating Screens 76 50 103
Wire Mesh 63 17 94
Welded Wire Mesh 83 36 112
Wire Netting 60 39 134
Metal Mesh 56 12 136
Aluminum Mesh 12 4 146
Welded Mesh 105 58 147

Wire Mesh & Gratings

Welded wire mesh is an integration of wired fabrications used to form a network of interfused wires and metal structures for the formation of a net made out of wire. This includes the integration of longitudinal wires forming a criss-cross structure with constant spacing of the welded wired structures. Moreover, the grating under the industrial and the mechanical development refers to similar notion of wired mesh; however, the grating includes the respective parallel formation of elongated mechanical structures such as metal rods which are integrated for the formation of a grated grill.

Users and Usability

The wire meshes and the gratings are utilised under various contexts for the industrial as well as normal household purposes. The most commonly observed gratings are seen in the covering of the various gutters found in the streets. Moreover, the wire meshes are found locally in various coverings for the air conditioners as well as the local protection systems for the safeguard of valves and the associated plumbing structures. The ventilation and air-conditioning and smoke control system of the underground caverns of the hydropower station are composed of traffic tunnels, workshops, bus tunnels, main tunnels, outlet routes, air inlet tunnels, exhaust tunnels, and exhaust and exhaust duct systems. Ventilation, air conditioning and smoke control systems are crucial to ensure the production environment and operational safety of underground power stations. Outgoing well as an important part of the ventilation system of underground hydropower station, the merits of its ventilation will directly affect the outlet air temperature, relative humidity, concentration of harmful gases, ventilation plant power plant and the normal operation of machinery and equipment. Outgoing well mechanical ventilation, the correct choice of fan and rational use of mechanical and electrical equipment to protect the normal, safe and efficient operation, duty and equipment maintenance staff's health and energy saving are of great significance.  

Products and Consumer Trends

Grid-type shield is a kind of concrete method of electromagnetic shielding. Its design and application can be carried out according to the following steps: (1) According to lightning risk assessment report , To determine a reasonable shielding efficiency SF; (2) shielding material selection; (3) mesh size calculation; (4) safety space determination; (5) other precautions. Key words: lightning electromagnetic pulse; electromagnetic shielding; grid-type shield; shielding efficiency; mesh size; safe space Lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) is a kind of natural electromagnetic noise, its Machi-2 grid-type shield design steps using conductive coupling and radiation coupling of electronic equipment caused by grid-type shield in the current project The use of the lack of purpose and the former interference, causing misoperation of electronic information equipment or even permanent damage. In order to improve the anti-interference ability of electronic information equipment against electromagnetic noise of lightning, the economic cost will be increased to a certain extent and even affect the appearance and shielding of buildings (Figure). Although its flatness, smooth and comfortable driving, low noise, but due to the semi-rigid grassroots reflect the nature of the material caused by the reflective cracks, construction and maintenance has been a major problem in the process has not been well resolved. In theory, for the prevention and treatment of reflection cracks, the principle of "prevention first and timely treatment" should be followed. In the process of design and fluttering, through rational design and improvement of construction techniques and other measures to effectively prevent, to minimise the probability of cracks; effective measures have been taken to crack the cracks have occurred in time to control the development of cracks and restore road performance , To extend the service life of the road. With the continuous development and production of road materials, new geotextile materials are widely used, crack prevention and control technology has also been continuously improved, and achieved good results. Among them, the application of geosynthetics to prevent and deal with reflective cracks is a new measure, all countries are vigorously developing geosynthetics, and is widely used in road engineering.  

Global Market Trends

Since the 1960s, geosynthetics have been widely used in all fields of civil engineering because of their excellent tensile and mechanical properties, stable quality of industrial mass production and simple construction characteristics of on-site construction. Geosynthetics applied to the asphalt pavement surface structure to form the fabric reinforced asphalt pavement can improve pavement performance and extend the service life of the pavement. Investigation of the development of reflective cracks before and after the survey made its own conclusions. Through the comparison test of AC-25I asphalt mixture, it is concluded that the paving of glass fibre grating is more effective than that of geotextile. The effect of geotextile is better than that without paving. Pavement after the glass fibre grating. The deflection of the road surface is reduced, and the number of reflective cracks after grating is controlled, and the cracked The width is also under control. The practical results of the ancient king highway show that the application of glass fibre grating in Ningxia pavement engineering survey has the following effects: (1) mechanical effect. With the advancements in technology and the associated studies related to the research of new materials, the relevant trends in the buying of conventional products which tend to erode over the course time has been deceased. The figure below depicts respective sketching of the changes in the trends against the respective purchase and sales . In the context of the depicted trends in the sales of the wire mesh grills and gratings, it can be assess that the decreasing trends over the past few years has witnessed a considerable rise, with the associated increase in the number of construction projects taking place.


Maintenance and Consumer Trends

Active Protection The active protection system is based on wire rope network consisting of various types of flexible network covering the protection of the slope or rock protection in order to limit the slope of rock weathered spalling or destruction of rock and rock collapse (reinforcement ), Or the rockfall control in a certain range of movement (enclosure). The system features: high flexibility, high protection strength, easy spreading. Adapt to any slope terrain, the installation process standardised and systematic. System using die-cutting installation, short construction period, low construction costs. System of special manufacturing technology and high anti-corrosion anti-rust technology, determines the system's high life expectancy. Passive protection system features: the system of flexible protection and interception strength sufficient to absorb and disperse the transfer of impact energy of stone, decompression ring design and use of the system to be further enhanced momentum. All components of the system using standardised factory production, on-site construction. In addition to a small amount of anchor installation as the main foundation construction, the main building block installation. Ring network protection network: Ring network system is a special passive protection system branch, it has more than the average passive protection system, higher strength characteristics. The same applies to the mountainous areas of the buffer zone next to the building facilities to intercept rocky avalanches, fly rocks, avalanches and mudslides outside the building facilities and avoid the damage to the building facilities caused by disasters. Slope protection network active slope protection system fine wire easy to rust. It is recommended to use grille dedicated buckle and boom installation is ugly and unsafe, over time, the grille may fall down, because the car wash more wet car wash grille ceiling thin wire installation can be installed first in the top fixed Frame and then hang the trim module down from the frame.

Key Market Players

Among the various market pioneers and leaders in the wire mesh and grating manufacturing and distribution industry, there are numerous manufacturers which claim to provide adequate quality materials with enhanced lifetimes of the respective products being delivered. Hebei Yili Metal Wire mesh Products Co., Ltd is one of the manufacturers in Chine associated with the ISO certified manufacturing processes of the wire mesh and the gratings which tend to assert optimum quality of the materials being provided. Hebei Doudou metal fence products Co.,Ltd are also among the ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing firms which tend to produce and deliver optimum quality products to the various market consumers all across the globe. Yingmo Metal Wire Mesh CO.,LTD is also a competitor in the leading brands associated with the provision of high-quality wire mesh products to numerous consumers. According to the customer feedback regarding the firm, it has been asserted that “Yingmo Metal Wire Mesh is a professional manufacturer exporting wire mesh fence products to worldwide customers. They handle with steel galvanized wire, bar and tube by welding into a variety of forms: welded mesh rolls, mesh sheet, metal grid, chain link fence, railings, partitions, decks, racks, containers, cages, gabions, trellis”. McNICHOLS Company is North America’s leading supplier and fabricator of perforated metal, expanded metal, wire mesh, architectural metals and a variety of gratings products. Founded in 1952 by the late Robert L. McNichols, the company was established on his Christian values, high ethical standards and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. With metals service centers strategically placed from coast-to-coast, McNichols has a dedicated staff and communication network in place that can supply worldwide service.